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2U rack-mounted high quality 8 channel microphone preamp

At a glance

  • 8 high-performance, matched-transistor, hybrid microphone preamplification circuits
  • Support for mic (XLR), direct instrument (DI), and line level inputs (1/4")
  • Each channel includes a high pass filter, phase reverse, 48V (phantom power), and -18 dB pad
  • Fully remote-controllable using Pro Tools | HD software or an Avid control surface; allows for the highest fidelity by keeping low-level signals close to the source
  • Selectable impedance matching for mic, line, or instrument inputs
  • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports for remote operation
  • All features supported in standalone mode, making PRE an ideal analog front end for any recording system

The Avid PRE is a 2U rack-mounted remote-controllable eight channel microphone, DI and line-level preamp unit.

Whether you use it as a stand-alone device or as part of Pro Tools, the Avid PRE gives you eight great-sounding transparent preamps to get your sounds off to the right start. Equipped with phantom, HPF, phase reverse and pad on every channel, you can also select the impedance for whatever input source you choose on the Avid PRE, plus you also have dedicated inserts for all eight channels.

Remote control for the Avid PRE is from either from your Pro Tools HD unit or from any of the excellent Avid control surfaces and navigators, including the Avid Artist Transport.

Sound through the PRE from Avid is as clear as a bell and the design gives you easy access to all the controls from the clearly laid-out front panel. As Avid knows, the most important part of your signal chain is right at the start of the process - the better it starts, the better it will sound when you have recorded it. With the Avid PRE, things will only get better.

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