Barefoot Sound MicroSub45 (Pair)

Dual-force Subwoofer

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£4,500.00 ex VAT
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Powerful subwoofer for the MicroMain45 with dual-opposing 8” subs per cabinet

The Barefoot MicroSub45 is powerful subwoofer for the MicroMain45 with dual-opposing 8” subs per cabinet.

The Barefoot MicroSub45 are designed to fit on top or underneath the MicroMain45 to form the MicroStack45. A tilt feature is employed allowing you to position the MM45 at the right angle facing toward the listener’s sweet spot.

Each cabinet boasts a 500W amplifier powering the Dual-Force subwoofers with one side firing towards the listener and the other firing on the opposite site. The Microsub extends the audio frequency down to 25Hz, and uses a fixed 80Hz analogue crossover which allows analogue signal path in both the subwoofer and into the speakers.

Unlike traditional subwoofers, the MicroSub45 comes in pair and are to be seen as an extension of each speaker rather than a separate subwoofer placed elsewhere in the room.

Barefoot MicroSub45 Stereo Compressor Main Features:

  • Comes in a pair
  • Dual 8” subs in each cabinet
  • Dual-Force™ Technology
  • 1000 Watts of Power
  • Bass response down to 25Hz
  • Balanced analog High-Pass filter

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