Barefoot Sound FootPrint02 Main

Barefoot Sound Footprint02 (Pair)

£2,495.83 ex VAT

Barefoot Sound Footprint03 (Pair)

£1,662.50 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound MicroMain 26 MM26 White (Pair)

Barefoot Sound MicroMain 26 MM26 White (Pair)

£12,350.00 ex VAT

Barefoot Sound MM27 Gen2 (Pair)

£9,162.50 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound Footprint01 White (Pair)

Barefoot Sound Footprint01 White (Pair)

£4,499.17 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 back close up

Barefoot Sound MM12 (Pair)

£19,162.50 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound Microstack45

Barefoot Sound MicroStack 45

£8,750.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound Masterstack12

Barefoot Sound MasterStack12 (Pair) (w/ pedestals + handles)

£45,000.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound Masterstack12 Handles

Barefoot Sound Handles for MM12 (Pack of 8)

£2,125.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound MM45 3-way Active Studio Monitor

Barefoot Sound MM45 MicroMain45 (Pair)

£5,200.00 ex VAT
Barefoot MicroSub45 (Pair)

Barefoot Sound MicroSub45 (Pair)

£4,500.00 ex VAT

Barefoot Sound MicroMain 26 MM26 (Pair)

£10,800.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound Masterstack12 No Handles

Barefoot Sound MasterStack12 (Pair) w/ pedestals NO HANDLES

£40,000.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound FootPrint01 Main

Barefoot Sound Footprint01 (Pair)

£3,695.00 ex VAT
Barefoot Sound 16x Handles for Masterstack12 (Pair)

Barefoot Sound 16x Handles for MasterStack12 (Pair)

£3,925.00 ex VAT

Thomas Barefoot realised there was an obvious need for speakers that, in his words, "transcended the usual distinction between near and mid fields." Believing it was possible to create a pair of speakers that would be accurate and room independent enough to conduct professional mixes on...whilst being loud and impressive enough to act as mid-fields - the original Barefoot MicroMain 27 (MM27s) were born.

We at KMR Audio are lucky to be Barefoot's exclusive UK importers. We feel these are the most immersive, accurate, detailed, impressive, non-fatiguing recording monitors we've probably ever heard. Ok, no studio monitor in the world is going to be all things to all people, but we consider the Barefoot range and the new 'Gen2' revisions as close to being this holy grail as is available today.

The Barefoot Sound range is brilliantly versatile, there are the smaller MM35s, and MM45's, the MM27 and MM26 going up to the MiniMain MM12 and the larger Masterstack12. Barefoot speakers are usually in high demand, and with the introduction of the NEW FP01 more so than ever. So come and have a listen in our demo room and find out if the Barefoot Sound is for you!

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