Barefoot Sound Footprint01 White (Pair)

3-Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitors

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Active 3-way nearfield studio monitor with Barefoot’s Dual-Force technology, dual ring radiator tweeter and MEME technology

At a glance

  • Active 3-way nearfield monitor
  • Dual-force Technology with two opposing 8" subwoofers
  • 1" dual ring radiator
  • Two-way DSP crossover
  • Dual Class D amplifiers (500W + 150W)
  • Passive Crossover between Mid and High-Frequency drivers
  • MEME technology
  • Made in the US

The Barefoot Sound Footprint01 White is an active 3-way nearfield studio monitor that incorporates Barefoot's cutting-edge Dual-Force technology and the acclaimed dual ring radiator tweeter and MEME technology found in their popular MM27 and MM12 models.

Designed primarily for musicians, producers, and engineers operating within the constraints of limited space and smaller budgets, the Footprint01 White does not compromise on the exceptional quality that has made Barefoot speakers highly sought after. This impressive monitor boasts dual opposing 8-inch paper cone subwoofers, a 4-inch aluminum cone midrange driver, and a 1" dual ring radiating tweeter, all working together to deliver outstanding audio performance.

Powering the speakers is a dual Class D amplifier equipped with a 2-way DSP crossover, ensuring a substantial 500W of power dedicated to the subwoofer and 150W to the mid and high-frequency drivers. A supplementary passive crossover network between the mid and high-frequency drivers is utilised to enhance acoustic focus at the cabinet's centre.

Staying true to Barefoot's legacy, the Footprint01 White provides an impressive sonic experience with its wide dynamic range and extended bass response, all within a compact footprint. This design caters to modern workflows, where reliable performance in smaller work-environments is paramount.

Notably, this studio monitor features Barefoot's revolutionary Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation (MEME) technology, offering users the ability to modify the frequency, phase, transient response, compression, and distortion of the speakers. With a simple switch of a button, users can effortlessly emulate the characteristics of classic, vintage, and Hi-fi speakers. In smaller rooms where adding a second pair of reference monitors might be impractical, the MEME technology proves even more valuable, providing four distinct voicings in a single pair of speakers.

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