Buchla 225h MIDI to CV Interface Module

MIDI to CV Interface Module

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a MIDI to CV Converter and Utilities module, designed to allow integration between Buchla and other formats. It provides USB and 5 pin DIN conversion into 1.2v/Oct, Banana to 3.5mm conversion with CV offsets and multiple outs for MIDI

The Buchla 225h is a USB MIDI converter that lets you use standard 5-pin and USB MIDI messages into control voltages to use within your Buchla modular system.


There’s a group of MIDI outputs which take your standard MIDI messages and outputs them as voltages and pulses, so your mod wheel, pitch bend, after touch etc can all be used in your modular environment. All of the messages and their results are re-assignable via MIDI.


225h provides more than your standard MIDI to CV conversion, it also boasts format converters for Tinijax, Minijack and ¼” jack, letting you bring external signals from other format systems into the Buchla standard.


To go along with the format converters are a group of offset processors, so your 1volt per octave can easily be scaled to the Buchla 1.2v standard, and your gates can be easily converted to Buchla standard pulses.


The main features of the Buchla 225h USB MIDI CV Converter include


Single channel MIDI to CV converter


Provides both USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI conversion, provided your boat supports this


Use your whole array of MIDI control messages with your Buchla system


H series format

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