Chandler Limited REDD Microphone

All in one valve microphone and REDD.47 mic preamp

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Large diaphragm valve condenser microphone and legendary Redd.47 mic preamp in one handcrafted piece

At a glance

  • Microphone Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser. Valve,
  • Capsule: Handmade custom capsule with platinum membrane
  • Circuit REDD.47 Mic amplifier, Valve,  200 Ohms Impedance
  • Switchable Gain ranging from +4 to +33 in NORM mode, and extended in Drive Mode.
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid / Omni
  • 10dB Switchable Pad,
  • Polarity reversal switch
  • Low Contour control on external PSU
  • Output Control on external PSU
  • Includes: External PSU, 7-pin 25' microphone cable, shock mount, moulded flight case
    • The Chandler / Abbey Road Redd Microphone is a large diaphragm valve condenser microphone and Redd.47 mic preamp in one handcrafted piece.

      The Chandler / Abbey Road Redd Microphone is the first mic built in over fifty years with the EMI badge. Despite its resolutely classic aesthetic,  the microphone is not a vintage microphone clone and fuses the platinum membrane, mic capsule directly to the REDD.47 line amplifier circuit, offering the shortest distance between them and thus providing an optimised signal path. 

      As a result, the REDD Microphone delivers a larger-than-life, full-bodied sound with a smooth top end akin to some of the most coveted vintage microphones. It works wonders on vocals, piano, electric and guitars, drums and bass guitars and whatever you care to throw at it.

      This unique microphone has some interesting features, such as its nine gain selections ranging from +4 to +33dB (in NORM Mode), Drive mode for additional colour, Switchable patterns (Cardioid/Omni), 10dB pad and polarity reversal.  All these functions are accessible directly on the microphone. The external power supply provided also includes Continuous output and low-contour controls.  While the REDD Microphone has its onboard preamp, it can also, if desired, be used with an external preamp

      The REDD Microphone ships with a shock-mount, 25' Mogami microphone cable, PSU, and a custom moulded flight case with high-density rigid foam.

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