Chandler Germanium 500 Preamp MKII

Updated Version of the Original Germ 500

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£832.50 ex VAT
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500 Series microphone preamp

At a glance

  • FORMAT: 500 Series
  • CHANNELS: Mono
  • CIRCUIT: Class A, Discrete, Transistor
  • AIN: -5db to +65db
  • CONNECTION I/O: 500 Series Enclosure
  • Mic Input: Transformer Balanced
  • Input Impedance: 200Ω
  • DI: 1/4" Unbalanced, Input Impedance: 100k Ω

The Chandler Germanium 500 MKII is an updated version of Chandler’s original Germ 500.

This unit has an improved faceplate layout and nicerb feel and look. It uses classic germanium transistors in all Class A, transformer balanced circuits. The Germ 500 MKII is the well-known Germanium Preamp adapted for 500 series racks, using the same transformers and amp blocks to assure the sound is consistent with the rack version.

Chandler has updated the power on the MKII so there are no known power-up issues with current lunchboxes and rack systems.


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