Chandler Germanium Drive Pedal

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Class A mono Germanium foot-pedal overdrive for guitar players

The Chandler Germanium Drive Pedal is a Class A mono guitar foot pedal overdrive powered by germanium transistor circuits.

Before the Chandler Germanium Drive Pedal came along, the only place to hear germanium in action was by using units like Chandler's Germanium Pre/DI - or owning early Sixties recording equipment. Time and fashion had moved along, especially as equipment became cleaner and more transparent. However, thanks to Chandler Limited the warm, full tone of this classic circuitry is obtainable again with Chandler's Germanium Drive Pedal - and you can have it as a tough foot-pedal, ready to plug straight into your amp.

Encased in a sturdy stomp box, the Chandler Germanium Drive can run from a light dusting of drive, to a full-throated roar - without the thin raspiness of many distortion pedals and - delivered with a clarity and purpose hard to match.

Chandler Limited has earned a reputation for quality, durability and great sound with their equipment, which has always made them popular with recording engineers and producers. The Chandler Germanium Drive Pedal is the chance you've been waiting for to put your food down and get involved as well.

Chandler Germanium Drive Pedal Overview:

  • FORMAT: Pedal
  • CHANNELS: Mono
  • CIRCUIT: Class A
  • BYPASS: True Bypass
  • POWER: two 9-volt “BOSS” style power supplies or two 9-volt batteries

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