Chandler Limited RS660 Compressor Matched Pair

Vacuum Tube single channel compressor

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"My usual time to integrate new analogue gear is anywhere from two weeks to two months. The RS660 went right into action on the Norah Jones vocals of the unreleased songs from her seminal 2020 release of "Come Away With Me." I’m old enough that my ears remember the sound of well-designed tube analogue gear. The RS660 compressor is nostalgia for my ears, warm, accurate and simple. I’ve come to realize that whatever piece of gear Wade develops I’m going to need it in my hybrid set up. The RS660 Compressor is another piece I will use on every mix, for all my days; save up for this one!""


The Chandler RS660 Compressor Matched Pair is a meticulously crafted set thoughtfully paired at the factory. It has stepped switches and a linking cable, making it the perfect choice for stereo applications.

Inspired by the iconic EMI RS124 and Fairchild 660 compressors that once graced the legendary Abbey Road studios in the 1960s, the Chandler RS660 Compressor is far more than a mere imitation of its predecessors. It boldly embodies an innovative approach to recording studio equipment design. At its heart, it houses a 6386 vacuum tube, painstakingly fine-tuned to faithfully capture the timeless sonic essence of its forebears, all achieved through a highly efficient and modernized design.

The versatile RS660 Compressor and Limiter can handle a wide range of dynamic sources, whether it's the subtle nuances of vocals or the explosive energy of drums. Rooted in the legacy of historical compressors, the RS660 is an invaluable addition to the toolkit of modern engineers, delivering excellence in analogue signal processing.

The Chandler Limited RS660 Compressor comes in a mono/linkable configuration, enclosed within a dual rack space housing with an internal power supply for added convenience.

Notably, the Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios RS660 Compressor offers a comprehensive array of features, including adjustable input and output levels, customizable time constants, precise control over harmonic distortion, compression and limiting functions, a bypass link option, and the flexibility to choose selectable output impedance. Optional upgrades include stereo-matched pairs and precisely stepped I/O controls for those seeking even greater precision.

It's important to emphasize that Chandler Limited possesses exclusive authorization to develop, manufacture, and market the "Official Equipment" of EMI/Abbey Road Studios. This commitment to excellence is underscored by their registered trademarks, such as Chandler Limited and associated logos, while paying homage to the rich heritage of EMI, Abbey Road Studios, TG, REDD, and RS through their respective trademarks and logos.

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