Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with built-in EMI TG Tape EQ

CAP2: 79083.0
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£737.50 ex VAT
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Solid-state large Diaphragm condenser microphone with built-in EMI’s Tape Equalizer, Dual Tone system, low cut and -10dB Pad.

At a glance

  • Solid-state large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Inherits core circuitry and capsule from the TG Microphone
  • Features a unique 'Dual Tone System' with two distinct voicings: 'System A' and 'System B'
    • 'System A' provides a rich, TG mid-forward sound with harmonically rich textures
    • 'System B' is engineered to handle extreme sound pressure levels while maintaining pristine audio quality
  • Cardioid polar pattern for versatile studio recording
  • Operates on 48V phantom power
  • Boasts a solid-state design for a larger-than-life sound signature

The Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone 'Type L' is a testament to modern microphone innovation. This solid-state large diaphragm condenser microphone, bearing the name 'Type L,' is not merely a distant relative of its groundbreaking predecessor, the TG Microphone; it is a contemporary marvel in its own right.

The Chandler Limited Type L inherits the essence of the original TG Microphone, retaining its core circuitry, capsule, and unique 'Dual Tone System.' However, it brings its distinct flavour to the audio landscape.

Dual Tone System: Unveiling Unprecedented Versatility

The ingenious Dual Tone System redefines the Type L's input stage, pushing the boundaries of versatility for capturing diverse sound sources. 'System A' ushers in a rich, TG mid-forward character saturated with harmonics. In contrast, 'System B' is engineered to conquer extreme sound pressure levels while preserving pristine audio quality.

Engineered primarily for professional recording studios, the TG Microphone Type L boasts a cardioid polar pattern, positioning itself as a reliable studio workhorse. It confidently challenges the supremacy of renowned microphones like the C414, FET47, U87, U67, and C12, traditionally held in high regard across various recording scenarios. Indeed, it has the potential to replace the conventional practice of pairing dynamic and ribbon microphones on guitar cabinets.

The TG Microphone Type L thrives on 48V phantom power, delivering a solid-state sound signature that transcends expectations.

A Glimpse into the Legendary TG Consoles

Journey back to the late 1960s, and you'll find EMI/Abbey Road Studios amid a monumental transition. They bid farewell to the valve-driven REDD recording and mixing consoles and embraced the revolutionary TG12345 transistorized desk. This transformative shift left an indelible mark on iconic albums like the Beatles' "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," as well as the musical legacies of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison.

Conceived in 1967, the TG mixing and mastering consoles underwent a series of evolutions throughout the '70s before eventually retiring in 1983. It's worth noting that these TG consoles were custom-crafted exclusively for EMI studios and never saw commercial availability, further cementing their legendary status in the annals of audio history.

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