Chandler Little Devil Compressor

Transformer Balanced Germanium and Zener Equipped Compressor

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500 Series single channel germanium and zener-equipped compressor module combining Chandler’s best designs with the hottest designs from the past.

The Chandler Little Devil Compressor is a single-channel, transformer-balanced germanium and zener equipped compressor module for the 500 Series.

Like a Best Of compilation album, the Chandler Little Devil Compressor takes inspiration from many places, including classic long-gone, much-missed studio units by Neve, Telefunken and EMI. With aspects also borrowed from its own highly-rated Germanium Compressor, Chandler Limited has funnelled them all into the small footprint of the Little Devil Compressor module, for the 500 Series.

Equipped with both zener and germanium circuits, the Chandler Little Devil can control not only the dynamics of your sound, but the tone as well - thanks to the warmth and body that these diodes and transistors impart. if you drive it hard, the Little Devil Compressor can not only produce complete dynamic control but also wonderful, musical 2nd order harmonic distortion - the type that you like to hear, in other words, not the scratchy break-up noises you can find on cheaper units.

Selectable curves and ratios with switchable sidechain filters and release controls as well as a proper hard-wired bypass, could make the Chandler Little Devil Compressor just one temptation too far.

Chandler Little Devil Compressor Overview:

  • All controls are marked +/- 1 to 6 in the playful DEVIL spirit of the concept
  • FET Compressor using concepts from both the Chandler Germanium Compressor and the 2264 Comp 
  • Input Control 
  • Curve selection with zener and germanium diode knees 
  • Gain Make Up 
  • Ratio in three positions 
  • Attack Side chain filter -30, 60, 90, 150, 300hz 
  • THD selection 
  • Release
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Will run without problem on any 500 series rack and PSU...from crappy to kick butt!

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