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The Tegeler Audio Creme RC is a remote-controlled analogue EQ and compressor in one stereo device for mixing and mastering applications.

The Tegeler Audio Creme RC is a recreation of one of the most revered mix bus chains, a Pultec, into an SSL compressor. It is also a potent combination of a mastering EQ and compressor in one simple box.

VCA Mixbus Compressor

The compressor stage takes inspiration from one of the most iconic mix bus compressors and uses a similar VCA design, including ratio, attack and release. It also adds a gentler 1.5:1 ratio and a switchable high-pass sidechain filter with selectable frequencies (60Hz, 120Hz). 

The compressor can have very transparent dynamic control or more obvious pumping if desired. Its powerful sound really delivers the final glue that makes a mix sound like a record with an open sound and additional excitement. 

Unlike many compressors of this type, however, the Creme does not make the sound collapse but thickens and opens up the source material very pleasantly. Bass sounds are controlled and tight; the low mids become fuller without mud, while the midrange becomes more articulate and detailed.

The EQ section 

The legendary Pultec inspires the Passive EQ and features a similar filter circuit as found on the original units. As a result, the Creme can provide a deep lift of the music foundation and stunning soft and silky highs with no hint of harshness.

Some modifications were necessary, with cut or boost functions replaced by fixed 1dB boost values and frequencies modified to better suit mix bus applications.

As a result, both low and high bands feature a choice of six frequencies (20, 30, 50, 100, 140 and 200 Hz for the lows, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24 kHz for the highs.) The last two high frequencies in the high band provide a stunning open sound akin to the NTI Nightpro EQ3D or its modern equivalent, the Maag EQ4. 

La Creme de la Creme for Mixing and Mastering

Creme is a powerful tool for mixing engineers looking for stunning sound on their mix bus, but it also caters for mastering engineers with additional features that increase its flexibility. Stepped controls enhance the mastering process allowing engineers to precisely set the EQ and compression and recall their settings accurately. A switch also lets you choose the order between EQ and compression.

… Now Remote-controlled

The Creme RC uses potentiometers with servo motors which can be controlled via software, allowing for easy automation of the controls. Connecting the unit via Ethernet, the Creme RC will automatically receive the settings via DCHP allowing you to control the unit from any distance remotely.

Combined with the compressor and EQ plugin, controlling the Creme directly from your DAW and saving settings automatically is possible. The settings are automatically synchronised.

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