Cranborne Audio 500ADAT (B-stock)

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The Cranborne Audio 500ADAT is a highly innovative analogue / digital hybrid ADAT expander and summing mixer with high-performance AD/DA conversion and zero-latency artist mixer.

The Cranborne Audio 500ADAT includes eight 500 series slots to accommodate up to eight 500 series mic preamps, allowing you to create your ideal front-end and integrate it instantly into your Digital Audio Workstation. Alternatively, you can create your ideal channel strip by adding EQ and compressor modules and committing the recordings directly to your system.

The 500 series integration also works the other way around, allowing you to route your recorded tracks back to 500 series EQ and compressors for mixing and printing the processed signal. It also includes an eight-to-two high headroom analogue summing mixer letting you sum your instrument stems and print to a stereo track.

With its 8in/8-out ADAT interface, the Cranborne Audio 500ADAT integrates perfectly with any ADAT-ready audio interface and converters. Using reference-class analogue-to-digital conversion with an impressive 121dB signal-to-noise ratio and master-grade digital clock with ultra-low jitter (<0.5 picoseconds). Capture your analogue recording with the utmost detail, free from unwanted digital artefacts.

A zero-latency artist mixer lets you the dedicated high-headroom analogue summing mixer, giving you all-analogue artist mixes with none of the latency issues created by virtual mixers. Each of the headphone outputs includes a blend and output level controls.

Furthermore, the Cranborne Audio 500ADAT has four CAST (Cat5 Analogue Snake Transport), which lets you transport four analogue channels over a single cable. It uses clever impedance matching, ensuring high-quality audio at a fraction of the price of an audio cable. Use CAST connectors to additional breakout boxes.

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