Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2 Legacy Edition

Audio Equaliser

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Limited-edition, 2u 19-inch rack, 2-channel 3-band parametric EQ, meticulously crafted in the UK, featuring vintage-inspired aesthetics combined with state-of-the-art digital control and unique harmonic saturation capabilities for enhanced audio processing.

At a glance

  • Limited edition model
  • 2u 19-inch rack size
  • 2-channel, 3-band parametric EQ
  • Meticulously crafted in the UK
  • Vintage-inspired aesthetics
  • State-of-the-art digital control
  • Unique harmonic saturation capabilities
  • Enhanced audio processing features
  • Comes with a bespoke wooden, vinyl-wrapped rack case
  • Integrated with USB and network for digital control
  • Per-band bypass for precise sound adjustments
  • Extended high and low-frequency shaping
  • Mid/side processing capability
  • Bypassable TRS inserts for integrating outboard hardware

The Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2 Legacy Edition is a limited edition of the unique harmonic EQ, with only 100 units produced globally. This edition pays homage to the iconic design of historical audio equipment while incorporating state-of-the-art internal architecture. The Carnaby HE2 Legacy Edition is committed to blending a modern approach with vintage sound aesthetics.

This special edition is meticulously crafted in the UK by the skilled team at Cranborne Audio. It comes pre-installed in a custom wooden, vinyl-wrapped rack case, making it visually striking and sonically impressive. The unit maintains the innovative Carnaby HE2 sound, renowned for its clarity and depth.

The Carnaby HE2 HarmonicEQ is a significant evolution in audio processing technology. As a 2u, 19-inch rack, 2-channel, 3-band parametric EQ, it expands upon the HarmonicEQ® concept first introduced in the Carnaby 500 model. This model enhances frequency response through harmonic saturation, facilitating nuanced adjustments to sources, stems, and mixes.

The features of the Carnaby HE2 include three bypassable, interactive HarmonicEQ® bands per channel. Each band offers 10dB of boost or cut and sweepable and overlapping frequency controls. The high-frequency band, ranging from 5kHz to 25kHz, employs smooth saturation to enhance upper frequencies, adding air and presence to vocals and acoustic instruments. The low-frequency band, which extends from 420Hz down to 20Hz, uses hard-clipping saturation to boost sub-harmonic frequencies, making it ideal for subtle warmth and intense bass enhancement. Meanwhile, the mid-frequency band, with a fixed Q from 200Hz to 6.2kHz, uses saturation to add harmonic emphasis, providing vibrant and dynamic midrange sculpting.

Advanced Control and Connectivity

The Carnaby HE2 is fully digitally controlled and sets new standards in user control and connectivity. It offers remote operation capabilities through USB or an Ethernet network, ensuring seamless integration into modern production environments. The bespoke control plugin provides real-time control and recall capabilities directly from any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), greatly simplifying preset management and adjustments and thus enhancing workflow efficiency.

Dynamic Processing and Flexibility

The Carnaby HE2 distinguishes itself from traditional EQs by dynamically responding to input levels. This dynamic response increases the total boost, cut, and harmonic distortion as the input is driven harder. Each band has independent input and output level controls, allowing for up to ±20dB of adjustment. This level of control ensures that users can achieve the desired saturation and distortion effects or opt for a cleaner EQ setting when necessary.

Extended Functionality for Professional Applications

The Carnaby HE2 offers per-band bypass, which enables precise tonal adjustments and is particularly useful for fine-tuning settings without affecting the entire mix. The addition of high and low-frequency shaping controls, each with individual bypass options, allows for detailed sound tailoring. Furthermore, the mid/side processing capability of the Carnaby HE2 is invaluable for mastering and sound design applications, as it allows for separate adjustments to the mid and side components of a stereo signal. Finally, bypassable TRS inserts on each channel facilitate outboard hardware integration with the HarmonicEQ® processing, enabling a flexible and powerful setup for professional audio engineers.

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