Dreadbox Darkness - Digital Stereo Reverb

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Stereo digital reverb pedal with variable time scale, modulation and gate.

At a glance

  • Flexible shimmer reverb with gate function
  • 32bit @ 48kHz digital effects processor
  • Variable time scale with modulation (triangle or s&h)
  • Selectable pitch shift (+/-12 semitones) with variable mix amount for shimmering sounds
  • Up to 30sec decay times
  • 2-pole damping filter (high or low pass)
  • Freeze function (loops 150ms of the input signal)
  • Versatile gate effect with variable attack and release times
  • True stereo input/output
  • Selectable tails bypass

The Dreadbox Darkness is a stereo digital reverb pedal with variable time scale, modulation and gate. 

The Dreadbox Darkness operates at 32-bit/ 48kHz and includes a selectable Pitch +/-12semitones shift and a variable mix amount to control the number of shimmering sounds.

The Darkness is extremely versatile and some of the controls offer two different types of control depending on which Mode is selected. The Decay for example can be used to control the amount of modulation when in MOD 1, or in MOD 2, control the amount of attack of the gate. The Mix knob either controls the amount of damping filter applied or the Threshold of the Gate

The Spread controls the size of the reverb which can range from small and smooth to large shimmering sounds. A Hold function also lets you loop 150ms of the input signal

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