Elektron Digitone 8-Voice Poly FM Synth

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The Elektron Digitone a standout 8-Voice Polyphonic FM Synthesizer, crafted by Elektron to provide all the sonic flexibility of an FM synth without the overbearing complexity normally associated with synths of this ilk.

At its very core Digitone is an 8-voice digital synthesizer, with four separate tracks which can be sequenced independantly with their own sequence lengths, sound and parameter locks, making for an incredibly versatile and obscure groovebox. With Digitone, you have access to all of the iconic FM sounds you can think of and much much more, thanks to a more logically presented FM workflow, incredibly powerful parameter locking and that sublime Digitakt-esque UI.

Digitone presents FM in a more subtractive sense, for example:  there's a programmable filter section, two assignable LFO's, detune, chorus, reverb, delay, distortion and the ability to switch operator algorithms in an instant, all of which is of course parameter lockable via the sequencer.

FM is synonymous with being a tricky synthesis method to understand, Digitone completely removes this barrier and simply gives you the most glorious FM soundscapes and tones to toy with, in a small affordable package.

The main features of the Elektron Digitone include

8-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer

Elektron sequencing with parameter locks

Change operators and algorithms in and instant

Reverb, chorus and delay effects

Revised Elektron UI inspired by Digitakt workflow

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