Fairchild Model 660

Single-channel Tube Compressor/Limiter

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Single-channel compressor/limiter that defined audio excellence in the mid-1950s. Revered for its unique ability to inject warmth into recordings, the FAIRCHILD 660 is a rare jewel in the music industry, historically embraced by iconic studios like Capitol Records and Abbey Road. Meticulously revived by Toni Fishman and crafted in Estonia to its original specifications, this iconic piece offers an exclusive blend of vintage sound and modern reliability. With only 1000 original units ever made, the new FAIRCHILD 660 maintains its legacy with authentic tubes, custom-wound transformers, and point-to-point soldering, making it a prized possession for producers and audio engineers seeking the quintessential audio compression and limiting experience.

At a glance

  • Revival of the iconic FAIRCHILD Model 660, a staple in audio history.
  • Renowned for imparting warmth and unique colouration to recordings.
  • Limited production with only 1000 original units ever made.
  • Faithfully rebuilt to original specifications with authentic tubes, custom-wound transformers, and point-to-point soldering.
  • Favored by prestigious studios like Capitol Records and Abbey Road Studios.
  • Offers an additional 8dB of gain, 12 tubes, and single-channel controls, distinguishing it from its Model 670 counterpart.
  • Undertaken by Toni Fishman in collaboration with a skilled team in Estonia, ensuring a faithful reconstruction of the original masterpiece.

The legendary FAIRCHILD 660 is a masterpiece in audio compression and limiting, reborn for the modern era. Originally crafted in the mid-1950s and revered across the globe, the FAIRCHILD 660 set the benchmark for intelligent limiting amplifiers. Now, after almost sixty years out of production and becoming a rare gem in the audio world, this iconic piece is available once again, thanks to the meticulous revival efforts of Toni Fishman and a skilled team in Estonia.

The FAIRCHILD Model 660 is not just a product; it's a piece of history. As a single-channel compressor/limiter, it has graced countless classic recordings, earning its reputation as the ultimate tool for level control. Renowned for imparting a distinct warmth and colouration to any audio signal, it's the go-to device for producers and audio engineers, whether for initial recordings, mixing, or mastering.

With only 1000 original units ever produced and few surviving in working condition, the FAIRCHILD 660 is an exclusive marvel. Its design, a collaboration between Rein Narma and the legendary Les Paul, represents the pinnacle of audio precision and craftsmanship. The newly manufactured 660 continues this legacy, adhering to the original specifications with the same tubes, custom-wound transformers, and meticulous point-to-point soldering.

From its early adoption by Capitol Records in Hollywood to its pivotal role at Abbey Road Studios, the FAIRCHILD 660 has shaped the sound of music history. As the choice of Abbey Road's Peter Brown, this limiter/compressor has the unique distinction of being one of the few external pieces integrated into their predominantly EMI-designed gear lineup.

Beyond its rich history, the Model 660 stands out with its technical prowess. While sharing core design elements with the Model 670, it offers unique features like an additional 8dB of gain, 12 tubes, and single-channel controls, setting it apart as a singular solution for impeccable audio control.

Embrace the legend, the warmth, and the unparalleled audio quality with the FAIRCHILD Model 660, a timeless classic reborn.

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