Fairchild Model 660

Fairchild Model 660

£21,662.50 ex VAT
Fairchild Model 670

Fairchild Model 670

£29,995.83 ex VAT

The Model 670 and its counterpart, the Model 660, are especially revered for their smooth, natural compression capabilities, mainly owing to their variable-mu tube technology. This feature allowed the units to deliver gentle, transparent compression or more aggressive limiting without compromising the audio's integrity. Such versatility made the Fairchild units indispensable in studios, enhancing recordings' warmth, depth, and presence—a testament to the company's sonic innovation and influence on audio processing.

The Fairchild 670: A Symbol of Audio Excellence

Fairchild's legacy extends beyond its tangible products. The distinctive Fairchild sound became a defining element in numerous iconic recordings across various genres, cementing the company's influence in shaping the sonic identity of an era. Even after ceasing the production of the original units, the revered Fairchild sound lives on. The demand for vintage gear and the development of software emulations and hardware reissues ensures that Fairchild's legacy remains a pillar in modern recording techniques and remains within reach of new audio professionals.

The Fairchild 670, in particular, stands as a testament to the blend of engineering prowess, sonic excellence, and lasting quality that the company embodied. Its intricate design, cutting-edge technology, and variable-mu tube compressor design allowed unparalleled versatility, from subtle dynamic control to aggressive limiting. The unit's robust construction, aesthetic appeal, and sonic capabilities set the standard in professional audio engineering and made it a sought-after piece for decades. Today, the Fairchild Model 670's enduring relevance and the continual interest in its unique sound profile underscore its unerasable imprint on the music industry.

The Rebirth of a Legendary Sound: The New 670

In 2022, Toni Fishman, the founder and CEO of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, proudly introduced Fairchild Recording Equipment LLC. This new enterprise is a testament to Fishman's commitment to audio excellence, marking the launch of an exacting reproduction of the revered Fairchild 670 vacuum tube compressor microphone. This achievement is the fruit of five rigorous years of research and development and precise testing.

The newly minted 670 is made available in exceptionally limited quantities, reflecting its exclusivity and fidelity to the original. It incorporates the very same tubes and custom-wound transformers and maintains strict adherence to the original blueprints. The craftsmanship of this reimagined 670 is a nod to historical authenticity, featuring the same architecture, meticulous point-to-point soldering, and turret-style construction as the original. This careful recreation ensures that the new 670 not only pays homage to but also embodies the spirit and quality of the original unit, masterfully engineered by Rein Narma at the behest of the iconic recording innovator Les Paul in 1959.

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