Fairchild Model 670

Dual-channel Tube Compressor

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The re-engineered FAIRCHILD 670 emerges as a paramount tool in modern audio production, offering professionals the revered analog warmth and depth of the original vacuum tube compressor. Celebrated for its dual-channel design and versatile compression capabilities, this iconic device delivers a rich, organic sound, enhancing recordings from subtle nuances to robust dynamics. As a legendary piece of studio gear, known for its tube-driven amplification and wide-ranging compression effects, the FAIRCHILD 670 maintains its status as a highly sought-after asset in professional and home studios worldwide, now reborn and meticulously recreated for contemporary sound engineers and producers.

At a glance

  • Works in mono/stereo modes
  • Select from six time constants
  • Equipped with threshold, compression, and makeup gain controls
  • Features VU Metering
  • Custom-designed transformers
  • Hand-Wired, point-to-point assembly
  • Amplification driven by tubes

The FAIRCHILD 670, a pinnacle in vacuum tube compressor technology, has been meticulously re-engineered to offer contemporary producers and sound engineers the iconic sonic signature of the original unit. Renowned for its dual-channel configuration and distinctive compression attributes, the FAIRCHILD 670 infuses warmth, depth, and character into any audio track. Leveraging vacuum tube technology, it imparts an organic, rich quality to compressed signals, yielding a dynamic and lush soundscape highly coveted by industry experts.

As an indispensable asset in professional studios, the FAIRCHILD 670 is a testament to classic analogue sound enhancement. Its legacy, cemented by its versatility and unparalleled sonic performance, has made the FAIRCHILD 670 a staple in studio recording worldwide. Known for its tube-driven amplification and versatile gain reduction capabilities, it offers an array of compression effects, from the subtle and nuanced to the robust and impactful.

We are excited to introduce this exacting reproduction of the FAIRCHILD 670, a revered legend reborn for the modern audio professional. Embrace the time-honoured excellence of one of the most celebrated studio compressors, now accessible for today's sophisticated production environments.

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