Gainlab Audio Empress

All Valve Passive EQ

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£1,665.83 ex VAT
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The Gainlab Audio Empress is dual-channel tube passive EQ taking the original concept of the venerable Pultec EQP-1A but update for the modern requirements

The Gainlab Audio Empress features three bands on each channel. Both low and high frequencies can be set to shelf or bell and have separate controls for boost and cut to create a resonant shelf. Low boost and high-cut shifts, switches move the mid-frequency of the boost and cut relative to each other. The Mid-frequency offers a wide range of frequencies between 200Hz to 7kHz and can be either used in boost or cut mode.

The Empress uses a tube amplifier stage using Military-grade vacuum tubes which can be pushed for more colouration thanks to the Tube Boost switch to add further colouration.

The Gainlab Empress is extremely versatile and can be used for recording, mixing and even mastering applications. Each control uses stepped attenuators for precise settings and easy recall every time.

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