Gainlab Audio GLA-TC1 The Dictator

Tube Compressor

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The Gainlab Audio GLA-TC1, The Dictator, is a tube stereo compressor using the variable gain design found on the Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level classic variable-gain compressors with the inclusion of modern features such as a modern side-chain design.

The Gainlab Audio GLA-TC1 The Dictator uses a pair of military-grade 6k4p-EV pentode valves combined with modern design techniques which allow for more controls including high comp and low compression modes which affect the compressor's aggressivity. In LOCOMP mode, the GLA-TC1 offers a soft ratio and smoother knee reminiscent of the Fairchild 670 while the HICOMP setting offers a much higher ratio and a knee that is much more angular.

Attack and release times can be set independently with attack times ranging from Fastest (15ms) to Slowest (60ms) and three release times ranging from Fastest (200ms), Fast (350ms) and Slowest (600ms).

The threshold control can be unlinked to offer separate compression of the left and right channels. It also includes a side-chain high-pass filter with a choice of five frequencies ranging between 22 and 200Hz to reduce the compressor's sensitivity to low frequencies.

The Gainlab Audio Dictator is a flexible compressor that can be used for tracking, mixing and mastering. Even with no compression engaged, the GainLab audio can impart crispy saturation characteristics by overdriving this true variable gain compressor.

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