Genelec 7360A SAM Studio Subwoofer

CAP2: 146250.0
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DSP augmented subwoofer with AutoCal and GLM technologies.

The Genelec 7360A SAM Studio Subwoofer is a DSP augmented subwoofer with AutoCal and GLM technologies.

The Genelec 7360A uses Genelec’s proven Laminar Spiral Enclosure cabinet, which provides excellent flow characteristics and extremely low turbulence noise resulting in an extremely accurate and responsive low-frequency system with second and third harmonics 30dB below the fundamental.

Genelec’s state of the art GLM AutoCal system lets you automatically align the level, timing, phase, crossover and frequency response for each subwoofer ensuring optimum performance in your room.

The 7360A features a wealth of connections accommodating 7.1 systems with 8 Analogue XLR inputs and outputs as well as AES/EBU XLR I/O removing the need for additional A/D Converters. Class D amplifications with DSP crossover filters, driver overload and protection circuitry ensures optimum performance.

Genelec 7360A SAM Studio Subwoofer Main Features:

  • Perfect Companion for Any SAM Studio Monitor
  • Features AutoCal and GML Control Network Technology
  • 109dB SPL and 19Hz - 100kHz Frequency Response
  • 7.1 XLR Inputs and Outputs, and Digital XLR AES/EBU Connections
  • 8'' Woofer and a 300W Class D Amplifier
  • Smart Active Monitor™
  • Laminar Spiral Enclosure™
  • Bass Management
  • Protection Circuitry
  • Optimized Amplifiers
  • Active Crossovers
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing™
  • SPL: 109dB
  • Frequency Response: 19Hz - 100kHz, -6dB
    • LFE: 19Hz - 150Hz, -6dB
  • Accuracy of Frequency Response: ±3dB (19Hz - 150kHz)
  • Drivers: 10''
  • Amplification Power: Class D, 300W
  • Connecitons:
    • 7.1 Analog Input/Output
    • XLR Digital AES/EBU Input/Output
    • 2 x RJ45 Control Network
  • Dimensions: 527mm x 462mm x 363mm / 20.75'' x 18.20'' x 14.30'' (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 27kg / 59lbs

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