Genelec 8020D (Pair)

Active Studio Monitor

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All forms of distortion have been minimized in this design that features the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) technology.

The Genelec 8020D is a compact yet powerful active studio monitor designed to work in a wide range of listening environment while providing astounding audio reproduction quality.

The Genelec 8020D is the fourth iteration of this incredibly popular studio monitor and now delivers 4dB more SPL. It includes the same Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and Directivity Control Waveguide to create an accurate and intelligent monitoring system.

The 8020D uses a bi-amplified design ensuring optimal performance for each driver, optimising audio fidelity and performance. An active crossover ensures ideal performance for each driver regardless of any dynamic changes, with superior flexibility and precision. Each driver uses its own signal processing and amplifier for superior isolation and reduced inter-modulation distortion and overdrive. The 8020D also offers the ability to compensate for sensitivity variations, frequency and phase response.

The Minimum Diffraction Enclosure features rounded edges and a gentle curve on the front and sides to match the properties of the drivers, maximising the internal volume for superior low-frequency efficiency, and reducing the outer dimensions of the speaker. Combined with their drivers, MDE technology provides a flat frequency response with superior stereo imaging.

Furthermore, the Directivity Control Waveguide provides superior dispersion pattern for a wider, controlled sweet spot, resulting in a stunning flat frequency response with reduced early reflections. 

To ensure an optimised listening experience in your room, the Genelec 8020D offers precise room response compensation to compensate for the effect of early reflections. A precise list of settings are provided within the operating manual for preferred room response control settings for different installations.

Genelec also includes their Intelligent Signal Sensing technology which switches the speaker into a low-power sleep state for reduced consumption (less 0.5W), minimising the power usage and optimising performance value. The 8020D also includes a new protection circuit to prevent driver failures by automatically reducing the level if sudden peaks or constant high levels arise. This circuitry protects the circuit without affecting the sound quality in any way.

Finally, innovative Iso-Pods are provided, serving several functions at once. They provide superior stability and isolation from the monitor, minimising vibrations. They also allow for tilting the speaker up or down by up to 15 degrees ensuring precise positioning of the speaker with the drivers pointing directly towards the listener.

Genelec 8020D Main Features:

  • Compact, versatile nearfield monitor for project studios, workstations, and surround components
  • Special low distortion 4" woofer and 3/4" metal dome tweeter deliver fantastic clarity
  • Separate 50-watt bass and treble amplifiers ensure consistent power distribution
  • Minimum Diffraction Enclosure delivers focused nearfield sound
  • Directivity Control Waveguide enhances dimensional imaging
  • High-performance reflex port design delivers extended lows
  • High audio output plus low distortion equals killer clarity
  • Versatile mounting options include special Iso-Pod stand
  • Protected by Genelec's ISS power management system
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