Genelec 8340A (Pair)

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Smart active studio monitor with Smart Active Monitor with GLM Autocal and class D amplification..

The Genelec 8340A is an smart active studio monitor with Smart Active Monitor boasted with MDE and DWC technologies and class D amplification.

The Genelec 8340 provides a whole new level or monitoring accuracy thanks to Genelec's Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and Directivity Control Waveguide technologies as well as a flow optimised reflex port.  The highly efficient Class D amplifiers produce really high Sound Pressure Levels with huge dynamic range with very low distortion.

Part of the SAM range of monitors, the 8340 can be used with Genelec GLM network form GLM 4.0 software functionalities. The GLM Autocal software measures the frequency response in the listening are and makes all the necessary adjustment to minimise room acoustic issues.

Connections include analogue XLR input, XLR digital AES/EBU input and two RJ45 control network.

Genelec 8340A Smart Active Monitor Main Features:

  • Optimized Amplifiers
  • Active Crossovers
  • Smart Active Monitor‚Ñ¢
  • Directivity Control Waveguide‚Ñ¢
  • Protection Circuitry
  • Minimum Diffraction Enclosure‚Ñ¢
  • Reflex Port Design
  • Iso-Pod‚Ñ¢ Stand
  • Versatile Mountings
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing‚Ñ¢
  • SPL: 110dB
  • Frequency Response: 38Hz - 22kHz, -6dB
  • Accuracy of Frequency Response: ¬±1.5dB (45Hz - 20kHz)
  • Drivers: 6.5'' Woofer, 0.75'' Tweeter, Metal Dome & DCW‚Ñ¢
  • Amplification Power: Class D, 150W Woofer & 150W Tweeter
  • Connecitons: 1 x XLR Analog, 1 x Input/1 x Output XLR Digital AES/EBU, 2 x RJ45 Control Network
  • Dimensions: 365mm x 237mm x 223mm / 14.37'' x 9.33'' x 8.77'', with Iso-Pod‚Ñ¢ (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 8.5kg / 18.7lbs

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