Genelec Atmos Package 1

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includes 3x 8340, 8x8330 and one 7370 subwoofer to setup an atmos system

The Genelec 8330 Atmos Bundle includes all the speakers necessary to set up an atmos system.

The bundle includes:

  • 3x Genelec 8340
  • 8x Genelec 8330
  • 1x 7370


The Genelec 8330APM SAM is a compact active studio monitor of the Smart Active Monitor family with Class D amplification, Directivity Control waveguide, Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and Genelec Loudspeaker manager.

The Genelec 8330APM is designed to provide colour-free, accurate audio reproduction and adapt to your listening environment. Using Genelec's SAM system optimises the speaker automatically, correcting levels, delay and frequency response. It delivers every nuance of your sound while keeping its natural harmonic qualities. Every SAM speaker can also be controlled from the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) network and software. Once calibrated, each speaker within the system will playback at the same level and timing, removing acoustical colourations to maximise sound consistency and neutral sound stage.

Two 50W Class-D amplifiers provide up to 104dB SPL, while the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and Directivity Control Waveguide provides colour-free accuracy and on- and off-axis frequency reproduction.

The 8330APM SAM is an ideal studio monitor for small rooms like Broadcast vans, or as a surround sound satellite, and with the SAM technology, it is a perfect component of large multi-channel systems.


The Genelec 8340A is a smart active studio monitor with Smart Active Monitor boasted with MDE and DWC technologies and class D amplification.

The Genelec 8340 provides a whole new level of monitoring accuracy thanks to Genelec's Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and Directivity Control Waveguide technologies and a flow-optimised reflex port. The highly efficient Class D amplifiers produce high sound pressure levels with huge dynamic ranges and low distortion.

The 8340 can be used with the Genelec GLM network from GLM 4.0 software functionalities as part of the SAM range of monitors. The GLM Autocal software measures the frequency response in the listening area and makes all the necessary adjustments to minimise room acoustic issues.

Connections include analogue XLR input, XLR digital AES/EBU input and two RJ45 control networks.


The Genelec 7370A SAM Studio Subwoofer is a DSP-augmented subwoofer with AutoCal and GLM technologies.

The Genelec 7370A uses Genelec's proven Laminar Spiral Enclosure cabinet, which provides excellent flow characteristics and extremely low turbulence noise, resulting in a highly accurate and responsive low-frequency system with second and third harmonics 30dB below the fundamental.

Genelec's state-of-the-art GLM AutoCal system lets you automatically align the level, timing, phase, crossover and frequency response for each subwoofer, ensuring optimum performance in your room.

The 7370A features a wealth of connections accommodating 7.1 systems with 8 Analogue XLR inputs and outputs and AES/EBU XLR I/O, removing the need for additional A/D Converters. Class D amplification with DSP crossover filters, driver overload and protection circuitry ensures optimum performance.

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