Genelec Atmos Package 2 (3x 8361, 4x 8351B,4 x 8341 1x 7380)


Includes 3x Genelec's 8361, 4x 8351B, 4x 8341 and one 7380 subwoofer to setup an atmos system

The Genelec Pro Atmos Bundle includes all the speakers necessary to set up an Atmos system.

The bundle includes:

  • 3x Genelec 8361
  • 4x Genelec 8351
  • 4x Genelec 8341
  • 1x Genelec 7380

Genelec 8361

The Genelec 8361 is Genelec's largest coaxial, three-way point source active studio monitor designed to offer an extremely high dynamic range, superior directivity and imaging for superior monitoring experience.

The Genelec 8361 boasts two new Acoustically Concealed woofers which can generate high SPL output with vanishingly low distortion and brand new MDC coaxial midrange and tweeter drivers which provide smooth directivity and extended frequency response up to 40kHz. The Minimum Diffraction Enclosure removes colouration while the Directivity Control Waveguide delivers a wide and transparent sweet spot.

The 8361 comes with Genelec's GLM calibration software to adapt to the user's acoustic space, compensating for phase and timing differences which create unnatural colouration in a room. 

Genelec 8351

The Genelec 8351 is a new co-axial, three-way monitor designed to increase audio perfection within an acoustically challenging environment. It pushes the boundaries of electrical-acoustic technology with its newly designed mechanical, acoustical and signal-processing design linked closely together. This results in a system that is completely unique within the monitoring industry.  

The Genelec 8351 resembles the 8050 monitors, assembling a three-way monitoring system within a compact 17.75" x 11.25" x 11" cabinet. The center enclosure features a minimum diffraction co-axial enclosure midrange/tweeter driver improving sound quality and providing extreme accuracy, in both on and off-axis, vertically as well as horizontally. The woofers now sit beneath the Maximised Directivity Controlled Waveguide with lips around the parameter of the monitor giving acoustic openings for the proprietary Genelec-designed Acoustically Concealed Woofer (ACW). The 8351 has class D

Genelec 8341

The Genelec 8341 SAM is a 3-way point-source active studio monitor with a raft of new technologies to deliver unsurpassed performance with stunning stereo imaging, extended frequency response and fatigue-free experience.

The Genelec 8341 uses a truly unique approach to point-source design with the inclusion of acoustically concealed woofers which provide coaxial acoustical radiation to bass frequencies. Combined with their Directivity Control Waveguide, it delivers a super-wide sweet spot and over a large bandwidth and effective separation from their Minimum diffraction Coaxial driver. This translates into impressively precise monitoring with frequency separation and wide stereo imaging.

The Genelec 8341 SAM easily integrates in any room thanks to its Smart Active Monitor technology which lets you compensate for the effect of poor acoustics including frequency response, time delay compensation and level differences. Controlled by the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software, each speaker can be precisely tweaked.

Genelec 7380

The Genelec 7380A SAM is a 15-inch 800W active subwoofer with Class-D amplification auto-calibration powered by Genelec's GLM software application and room compensation features.

The Genelec 7380A SAM uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a tight low-end performance between 16Hz and 120Hz, ideal for mixing and mastering applications. With exceptionally high power and vanishingly low distortion, the 7380A integrates perfectly with other Genelec speakers.

The amplification system uses transducers each powered by its own amplifier working on its own dedicated frequency range, for superior sound output. Furthermore, the amplifier uses Genelec's Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) technology which reduces power consumption when in standby mode and can easily be switched on or off thanks to its own toggle at the rear.

The 7380A is a member of the SAM family and offers improved performance using the GLM software application, allowing you to configure and control monitors and subwoofers within your system, offering centralised and distributed bass management modes.

The 7380A has 7.1 analogue I/O and AES/EBU digital connectivity allows for both stereo operation or full 7.1 when used with the Genelec's 9301 Digital Interface (optional). GLM Network ports allow for the connection of several units together.

The subwoofer boasts a heavy-duty and robust design with Laminar Spiral Enclosure which not only protects the components inside but also provide a low-end accurate response. The spiral-shaped design results in a rigid enclosure exterior while also forming the sub's integral port. It creates an unrestricted airflow which ensures optimal longevity and performance.

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