Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape

Vocal Channel Strip

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All-tube, comprehensive vocal channel strip features a preamplifier, an intuitive equalizer, a state-of-the-art vari-mu compressor, and an innovative de-resonance/clipper stage. Born from a commitment to excellence and refined through extensive collaboration, the G25 delivers unparalleled sound quality and embodies the warmth and character of classic tube engineering, making it an indispensable tool for achieving sonic perfection in vocal recordings.

At a glance

  • Features an all-tube design with specialized components for vocal recording.
  • Ensures precise performance with a warm-up period for optimal tube operation.
  • Includes a high-gain, versatile preamplifier modelled after the Gyraf Audio G9.
  • Offers an extensive equalizer section with adjustable HPF, shelving, and tilt circuits.
  • Boasts a vari-mu compressor with fixed attack, variable release, and integrated controls.
  • Provides a de-resonance/clipper stage for precise vocal sculpting and resonance control.
  • Equipped with premium, carefully selected new-old-stock tubes for superior sound.
  • Offers the G25-A variant for extended versatility with the Campbell Transmitter “Astrud” microphone.
  • Designed for safety and efficiency, suitable for standard rack mounting and voltage ranges.

The Gyraf Audio G25 “VocalShape" is a meticulously engineered all-in-one solution designed exclusively for professional vocal recording. This all-tube device boasts a comprehensive signal chain, including a preamplifier stage, a filter and equalizer section, a compressor, and a distinctive frequency-selective clipping stage to masterfully control resonances. Every component and parameter is finely tuned to cater to the intricate demands of vocal recording, ensuring unparalleled performance.

The Gyraf Audio G25 embraces thermionic valves' timeless warmth and character, providing an authentic tube experience. It requires a brief warm-up period of 10-15 minutes post-power-on to reach optimal performance conditions. This period is essential for the device to stabilise and deliver its full potential in precision and predictability.

Comprehensive Audio Solution Inspired by Artists and Engineers

This device encompasses a tube pre-amplifier, a tube equalizer, and a vari-mu tube compressor, culminating in a single band of passive frequency-selective clipping. The G25 is a product and testament to Gyraf Audio’s dedication to sonic excellence and innovation.

The inception of the G25 traces back 15 years, inspired by a local mastering engineer's appreciation for Gyraf Audio’s G10 compressor. This interaction highlighted the necessity to make professional compression accessible to artists and engineers. The journey led to the creation of the G25, an embodiment of streamlined design and user-friendly interface, following extensive collaboration with industry professionals and relentless refinement over three years and approximately 92 revisions. Today, the G25 is a versatile and intuitive tool for engineers and artists, though it was initially conceived for vocal perfection.

More than the Sum of its parts

Preamplifier Excellence and Versatile EQ

The preamplifier of the G25, akin to the classic Gyraf Audio G9, is optimised for high-gain frame-grid tubes, ensuring pristine sound quality. It offers a variety of inputs and precise gain control, catering to a broad range of recording needs. The equalizer section is versatile yet intuitive, with a combination of first-order HPF, High/Low shelving, and Linear Tilt circuit, enabling subtle to significant tonal adjustments.

State-of-the-Art Vari-mu Compressor

The vari-mu compressor, a hallmark of quality and reliability, is derived from the esteemed G10, offering fixed attack and variable release settings for dynamic control. The drive function integrates threshold and ratio controls into a single knob for streamlined operation.

Innovative De-resonance/Clipper Stage

The distinctive de-resonance/clipper stage, a simplified version of the G21 Infundibulum, is strategically integrated into the unit’s output transformer. It offers a range of selectable frequency ranges, specifically chosen for their efficacy in vocal applications, alongside full-spectrum Schottky diode clipping. This stage allows for precise sculpting of the vocal sound, offering both subtractive EQ capabilities and dynamic resonance control.

Technical Mastery and Tube Selection

Technically, the G25 is a testament to the allure of tube-based sound, designed to explore the unique overload characteristics of tubes, particularly in voice performance and recording. With carefully considered output impedance and optimised operating levels, the G25 ensures compatibility and superior performance with a wide range of studio setups.

The G25 is equipped with top-tier, new-old-stock tubes, each selected for their contribution to the unit’s overall sound and reliability. Users can trust in the longevity and quality of these components, and Gyraf Audio stands ready to guide tube replacement when necessary.

G25-A: A Specialised Variant

The G25-A variant, although still in development, represents a dedicated hardware extension for the renowned Campbell Transmitter “Astrud” tube microphone, promising even greater versatility and customisation for discerning professionals.

A Beacon of Audio Engineering Excellence

In the pursuit of safety and longevity, the G25 has been designed with user well-being in mind. High internal voltages necessitate professional servicing, and the unit’s construction allows for safe, straightforward rack mounting if desired. Operating from a standard voltage range, the G25 is energy-efficient, requiring only a modest power draw.

Gyraf Audio’s G25 “VocalShape” is more than just a recording device; it’s a statement of commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of sound. Designed with professionals in mind, it stands as a pinnacle of audio engineering, ready to elevate vocal recordings to new heights of clarity, warmth, and precision.

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