Gyraf G22 Vari-Mu Tube Compressor

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Dual-channel valve compressor with innovative Vari Link control and MS Matrix Mode.

The Gyraf Audio Gyratec G22 is a dual channel vari-mu compressor inspired by the earlier G10 but featuring a newly redesigned control interface.

The Gyraf Audio Gyratec G22 is a dual channel compressor which can be used as two mono, stereo or mid/side modes. Simply switching the Controls switch to L/M Mode will engage the stereo function. An additional Vari Link allows for both mono channels to add a varying degree of cross linking between both compressors. A Mode switch engages the MS matrix at the input transformer stage and reverted back to L/R mode at the output transformer stage allowing for great stereo processing.

Gyraf Audio Gyratec G22 Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Main Features:

  • Dual Channel Vari-mu compressor based on the G10
  • Newly redesigned Control Interface
  • New Vari-Link for cross linking from dual mono to stereo
  • MS Matrix Mode switch

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