Harrison Audio Comp

500 Series Compressor

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500 Series VCA compressor featuring a classic feed-forward design with the THAT 2180 VCA chip for exceptional analogue performance, program-dependent Attack, continuously variable Release from fast to slow, an input overload LED, compatibility with 500 Series format chassis, and a versatile, dynamic range from transparent levelling to character-rich vibe compression, encapsulating Harrison's legacy in the music industry.

At a glance

  • The Harrison sound.
  • Extremely flexible compressor; from transparent ‘leveler’ to ‘character’ comp.
  • Classic feed-froward design.
  • THAT 2180 VCA chip for outstanding analog performance.
  • Program-dependant ‘Attack’ time.
  • Continually variable Release time from ‘Fast’ to ‘Slow’.
  • Input overload LED.
  • Compatible with 500 Series format chassis.

The Harrison Comp is a single-channel 500 Series VCA compressor, epitomizing the renowned Harrison sound that has been instrumental in crafting some of history's most celebrated music. This versatile dynamics processor seamlessly transitions from a subtle leveller to a character-rich vibe compressor. Its core is the classic feed-forward design, enhanced by the premium THAT 2180 VCA chip known for its exceptional analogue performance.

From Subtle Leveling to Vibrant Compression

With program-dependent Attack and a continuously variable Release, the Comp module adapts to the nuances of the input signal, ensuring optimal dynamics processing. Whether gently smoothing out guitars and vocals with minimal gain reduction or adding a vibrant punch to drums and bass with aggressive settings, this compressor excels in versatility. Its capabilities range from transparent levelling, using a 1:2 ratio and fast release, to creating a dynamic vibe with higher ratios and slower release settings.

Integration and Usability

The Comp 500 Series module embodies the legacy of Harrison's analogue excellence and integrates seamlessly into the modern studio setup, being compatible with the 500 Series format chassis. Its design is straightforward yet robust, featuring an input overload LED and offering user-friendly controls for Attack and Release times.

Harrison's Musical Legacy

Harrison's contribution to music production is monumental, with legendary artists like Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, among others, relying on Harrison consoles to produce their iconic sounds. The Comp module continues this tradition, providing engineers and producers with a tool that captures the essence of the Harrison legacy, ensuring their work meets the demands of today's industry and stands the test of time.

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