Harrison Audio MR3eq

500 Series EQ

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High-performance, single-channel 500 Series EQ, revered for its signature Harrison sound, offering a three-band parametric EQ with a +/- 10 dB boost/cut range, featuring a high-frequency Shelf band (800 Hz –15 kHz) with 6 dB/octave, switchable to a 2nd order bell, a Mid-band (400 Hz – 8 kHz) with a continuously variable, proportional Q, and a separate High Pass Filter with a unique 2 dB resonant peak, complemented by individual ‘In’ switches for EQ and HPF sections, an input overload LED indicator, and compatibility with 500 Series format chassis, encapsulating Harrison's legacy in analog sound.

At a glance

  • The signature Harrison sound.
  • Ideal for precision EQ’ing and broad musical strokes.
  • Three-band parametric EQ with +/- 10 dB boost/cut range.
  • High-frequency (800 Hz –15 kHz) 6 dB/octave Shelf band, switchable to 2nd order bell.
  • Mid-band (400 Hz – 8 kHz) with continuously variable, proportional Q.
  • Separate High Pass Filter with distinctive 2 dB resonant peak.
  • Individual ‘In’ switches for EQ and HPF sections.
  • Input overload LED indicator.
  • Fully compatible with 500 Series format chassis.

The Harrison MR3eq is a single-channel 500 Series EQ based on the esteemed legacy of the Harrison MR3 studio console. Originally developed for the iconic Harrison MR3 console, the MR3eq has earned a reputation as one of Harrison's most beloved EQ designs. Celebrated for its punchy, smooth sound and robust sculpting capabilities, this EQ was a staple in the creation of numerous classic albums throughout the 70s and 80s. With the MR3eq, the vintage Harrison vibe and the precision needed for modern engineering are at your fingertips, encapsulated in the convenient 500 Series format.

Design and Sound Quality

This high-performance analogue EQ is the culmination of Harrison's extensive expertise in equalizer and filter design. The MR3eq's circuitry is engineered for meticulous precision, allowing for detailed surgical adjustments and broad, musical strokes, resulting in a rich, colourful sonic character.

Advanced Features and Functionality

The MR3eq shines as a formidable three-band parametric equalizer. It features High-frequency 6 dB/octave Shelf bands, which can be switched to a 2nd order Bell response, thanks to Harrison’s proprietary proportional Q. The Mid-band boasts a continuously variable Q, and the device also includes a separate High Pass Filter section, characterized by a unique 3 dB resonant peak. The versatile design and comprehensive sculpting capabilities of the MR3eq render it an invaluable asset for enhancing various source materials, proving its efficacy in tracking and mixdown phases.

Harrison's Legacy in Analogue Sound

Harrison consoles have been instrumental in crafting some of history's most revered and influential music. Artists such as Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Donald Fagan, among others, have produced their multi-platinum albums using Harrison production tools. This latest range of 500 series modules encapsulates the sound and features trusted by legendary engineers like Bruce Swedien, Roger Nichols, and Reinhold Mack, ensuring that the music created with the MR3eq stands the test of time.

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