Heritage Audio 73EQ JR

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Line level 500-series EQ based on the legendary 1073 mic pre and EQ

The Heritage Audio '73EQ 500-series EQ is a three-band equaliser for 500-series format.

The ‘73EQ Jr by Heritage Audio has been designed to work as a standalone EQ while providing the full flavour of the legendary 1073 without requiring an additional mic preamp. This sets it apart from the competition which only delivers the real sound of the legendary unit when coupled with the input transformer of the preamp section.

The three band EQ is of the Baxandall type with Low and Hi shelf, similar to the 1073 but features a choice of four high-shelf frequencies instead of the traditional fixed 12kHz frequency band. The Mid-range band uses the same dual inductor found on its bigger sibling and provides the typical thick low or high mid boosts favoured by so many engineers throughout history. The included Line preamp ranges from -20dB to +6dB, ideal for heavy EQ boosts without distorting your A/D converter.

The '73EQ Jr has been carefully designed in how it hands power and features a slow turn on regulation which reaches maximum voltage in approximately 20 seconds, ensuring the module remains independent from other slots and relieving stress on the 500-series PSU.

Heritage Audio '73EQ Jr 500-series Equalizer Overview:

  • +6 to -20dB Class A Line preamplifier, bridging input impedance, balanced and floating.
  • High Frequency: +/- 16dB shelving, selectable at 10, 12, 16 or 20Khz, Baxandall type. Center detent.
  • Low Frequency: +/- 16dB shelving, with selectable frequency of 35, 60, 110 or 220 Hz, Baxandall type. Center detent.
  • Mid Frequency: +/- 18dB peaking, fixed Q, selectable center frequencies of 0.36, 0.7, 1.6, 3.2, 4.8 and 7.2 Khz, dual inductor based. Center detent.
  • EQL button: Turns EQ on.
  • Class A single ended, 2N3055 driven, high headroom output stage.
  • Internal Slow Turn-on +24v power supply for lower inrush current, improving lunchbox performance.
  • Carnhill Transformers.
  • Marconi style knobs.

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