Heritage Audio 73JR mkII

500-series mic preamp

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Single Channel 500-series Mic Preamp based on the iconic 1073

At a glance

  • Sonically-versatile mic preamp and DI module based on the classic 1073 
  • 20dB pad on the mic input prevents overloading the input transformer 
  • Up to 80dB of gain for the mic input, 50dB line preamplifier 
  • All-discrete, Class A circuitry 
  • DI input circuit is before the input transformer, which lets you add colour
  • and richness to DI instruments 
  • Separate input and output gain controls let you drive the input for saturation without overloading the output

The Heritage Audio '73JR mkII is a 500-series mic preamp based on the legendary 1073 preamp.

The Heritage Audio '73JR mkII delivers the sound of classic vintage consoles with rich saturated tone into your 500-series rack. Independent input and output level controls allow you to maximise the colouration of your sound while keeping consistent level. Turn the input up for more colouration or simply turn the output level all the way up for a cleaner sound. The '73JR provides an impressive 80dB of gain, ideal to accommodate any type of microphones even dynamic and ribbon mics.

Carnhill transformers are used at the input and output stage adding the depth and sheen associated with the '1073' to any sound source, microphone, line or DI instruments.

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