Heritage Audio HA609A Elite

Dual-Channel Diode Bridge Compressor and Limiter

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Dual-channel compressor based on a classic diode-bridge compressor design used for tracking and mixing.

At a glance

  • Stereo/dual-mono boutique British-spec compressor/limiter
  • All discrete, Class A design featuring three Carnhill/St. Ives transformers per channel
  • Rotary switches and precise stepped potentiometers for accurate recall and channel matching
  • Unique diode bridge design allows compression curve/response to be precisely matched from channel to channel within hundredths of a dB
  • Extended range for both compressor and limiter threshold increases flexibility for modern workflows
  • Standard and fast attack times work well for tracking, mixing, and mastering
  • True bypass on each channel in addition to bypass on individual compressor and limiter functions
  • Handcrafted in Spain at Heritage Audio headquarters

The Heritage Audio HA-609A Elite is a dual-channel compressor based on a classic diode-bridge compressor design for tracking and mixing.

The Heritage Audio HA-609A recreates the colourful sound of diode-bridge compression of the past, updated to today’s studio’s workflows. 

The compressor includes two sections, a compression section and a limiting section, making it a favourite as a mix bus compressor. The compression section includes a ratio control ranging from 1.5:1 all the way to 8:1 and a release time control ranging from 100ms all the way to 1500ms. Two additional settings provide auto-release settings. Due to the nature of the Diode bridge, compression attack and release remain dependent on the audio signal, but a switchable Attack Fast control lets you engage a faster attack response.

The Limiter section offers a fixed limit ratio and faster release time ranging from 50ms all the way to 800ms. It also includes two auto-gain settings for program-dependent responses. An Attack Fast switch is also provided to catch transients.

Two meters are also included to show each channel's total gain reduction amount.

Elite Series

The HA-609A uses the latest in cutting-edge manufacturing and design and design techniques to provide outstanding performance at an affordable price. It also includes modern updates replacing the Class A/B amplifier of the original with an entirely discrete Class-A amplifier and switching IC chips for three Carnhill/St Ives transformers for each channel.

A proprietary diode bridge design also ensures an ultra-precise channel-to-channel compression curve matching down to 0.01dB.

All controls use rotary switches and stepped potentiometers allowing for precision matching and accurate recall.

Modern Compressor with a Vintage Soul 

Additional changes have been implemented to suit modern requirements, including a fast compressor and limiter sections attack mode. A true bypass switch also lets you disengage the compressor entirely from the chain, while individual bypass lets you activate the compression and limiting circuits individually. Threshold levels for both compression and limiting sections have also been increased.

The HA609A delivers a punchy and colourful audio compression that works effortlessly to bring individual tracks to the fore, reminiscent of past classic diode bridge compressors. However, it is also capable of subtle peak controls making it an extremely versatile tool for mix bus compression.

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