Heritage Audio HA73EQx2 Elite

Mic Preamp and EQ

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Dual-channel mic preamp and 3-band EQ based on the legendary 1073 delivering the same larger-than-life vintage tone., The Heritage Audio HA73EQ Elite is a high-quality mic preamp and EQ based on the legendary 1073.

At a glance

  • 2 channel microphone preamp with EQ based on the 1073
  • Hand-wound transformers from Carnhill from St. Ives, England
  • Three-stage, discreetly constructed mic preamps
  • Up to 80dB gain
  • Warm, powerful sound
  • 20dB PAD in MIcrophone input
  • LO-Z switch: 1,200 Ohm to 300 Ohm
  • Extremely high impedance, JFET based DI inputs
  • Discrete 3 band Vintage EQs with induction coils
  • Fixed Hi Shelf Filter 12kHz
  • Mid band switchable between frequencies and OFF
  • Lo shelf filter switchable between 4 frequencies and OFF
  • Coil-based high-pass filter, switchable between 4 frequencies and OFF
  • 2U Rack
  • External universal power supply for worldwide use

The Heritage Audio HA73EQX2  is a dual-channel mic preamp and 3-band EQ based on the legendary 1073 delivering the same larger-than-life vintage tone.

The Heritage Audio HA73EQX2 boasts the same specifications as the acclaimed ‘73JR and ‘73EQJR as well as the DMA73.  The result of years of expertise in building high-quality audio equipment has allowed Heritage Audio to use mass production, lean manufacturing and modern construction techniques to provide a high-quality mic preamp more affordably with zero compromises.

Vintage Preamps

The preamp section delivers a true vintage vibe similar to the iconic 1073 with a smooth top end and larger-than-life sound that imparts vibrant clarity and punch to any microphone or instrument. 

Drive the input harder and the preamp will provide a rich saturated sound akin to the sound of vintage consoles.

Both preamps provide up to 80dB of gain, enough to power any microphones (condensers, dynamic or ribbons). It also includes gain, output trim -20dB Pad, high-pass filter and +48V phantom power.

3-band Inductor EQ

The HA73EQX2 uses the same classic inductor EQ design of the original. Its three-band architecture offers low- and high-shelves as well as fixed Q peak curve for the mid-band. 

Both LF and mid-band offer selectable centre frequencies ranging between 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz and 220Hz for the LF band and 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz and 7.2kHz and gain of +/-16dB and +/-18dB respectively. The High-frequency band has a fixed frequency at 12kHz.

A high-pass filter lets you further control the low-end. It boasts four selectable frequencies (35Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, 300Hz)

The EQ circuit includes high-quality WIMA 5% capacitors and three vintage-type “Vinkor” type pot core inductors. These are required to recreate the correct equalisation curves and are in fact indistinguishable from Heritage Audio’s own line of handmade equalisation.

Input and Output Transformers

Key to a true vintage sound, Carnhill input and output transformers are employed. These transformers are hand-wound in St Ives, England and provide the warmth and the characteristic larger-than-life tone that has made the original unit such a staple in the history of music recording.

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