Heritage Audio i73 PRO 2 USB C Interface

2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface.

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Groundbreaking USB-C interface equipped with two pure Class A 73 style preamps, ushering in a new era of audio recording. This innovative device brings the Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of recording within reach for musicians, producers, and engineers everywhere. Now, anyone can effortlessly capture the legendary vintage sound and elevate their recordings to professional levels from the comfort of their own space. The i73 Pro 2 eliminates limitations, delivering unmatched audio quality and convenience in a single package.

At a glance

  • 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface.
  • 2× Class A 73 style preamp with up to 70dB of gain for true studio-quality
    recordings. Microphone/line input, on combo XLR jack and a dedicated JFET DI
    input for Hi-Z instruments.
  • Full Analogue Experience powered by DSP for real-time tracking processing with
    imperceptible latency.
  • Direct monitoring with Heritage Audio's MIXER, processed in real time with
    imperceptible latency.
  • Analogue stereo monitor output over TRS independently controlled independently
    by Heritage Audio's MIXER.
  • The stereo headphone output is controlled independently by Heritage Audio's MIXER.
  • Including a growing collection of Heritage Audio effects modelled after Heritage
    Audio's outboard and Heritage Audio's private gear collection.
  • Able to simultaneously record both WET and DRY streams from the MIXER to your DAW.
  • Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 and 11. The same hardware works for both
    PC and Mac.
  • +48V PHANTOM power, PAD and PHASE.
  • MONO, MUTE and DIM.
  • Class-leading AD/DA conversion.
  • USB-C connection to the computer (cable included).
  • Mini-DIN IN/OUT connector.
  • Classic, attractive European console design.

The Heritage Audio i73 Pro 2 is the first ever USB-C interface with two built-in pure Class A 73 style preamps, revolutionising the world of audio recording. Finally, the dream of accessing the Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of recording is a reality, and it's available to everyone, everywhere, and anywhere. With this groundbreaking interface, you can now capture that legendary vintage sound and elevate your recordings to new heights, all from the convenience of your own space. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unparalleled audio quality with the i73 Pro 2.

The Heritage Audio i73® PRO 2 is designed to transport musicians, producers, and audio engineers back to the iconic analogue sound of the 70s, with a touch of British elegance. Drawing inspiration from the revered 73-style preamps, this masterpiece from Heritage Audio boasts Class A transformer-balanced circuitry, ensuring your recordings capture that timeless mojo and vibe. And the best part? You can achieve it effortlessly, directly from the i73® PRO 2 to your computer.

Versatile Inputs for Every Need

Heritage Audio's commitment to excellence shines through in the i73® PRO 2, featuring a versatile three-way input configuration. Whether you're tracking soulful vocals with up to 70dBs of gain, plugging in your electric guitar or bass through the dynamic JFET DI, or opting for clean LINE inputs, rest assured that your signals will be routed to your DAW with unparalleled studio quality.

Elevate Your Monitoring Experience

But the i73® PRO 2 is not just about preamps; it's about delivering the full analogue experience. We've meticulously developed a low-latency monitoring mixing console from the ground up, ensuring that you hear exactly what you need, whether it's through your speakers or headphones. With individual, configurable mixes for both, courtesy of the Heritage Audio MIXER embedded within the i73® PRO 2, your monitoring experience is taken to a whole new level.

Real-Time Processing and Dual Recording

We don't stop at delivering the analogue sound; we enhance it. The Heritage Audio MIXER within the i73® PRO 2 hosts a growing suite of tools modelled after our coveted outboard and private gear collection. You can process your tracks in real-time and simultaneously record DRY and WET streams into your DAW. Moreover, the MIXER allows you to integrate third-party native plugins via its Aux channels, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Golden Era Monitoring, Modern Workflow

With the i73® PRO 2, you can monitor your work just like the golden era of recording studios but with the convenience of a modern home studio workflow. It's the perfect tool to capture your tracks into your DAW and complete your projects with vintage warmth and sophistication.

Tailor Your Setup with i73® PRO Family.

The i73® PRO 2 is a part of the i73® PRO family, offering options to cater to your needs. Choose from its siblings, the i73® PRO One and the i73® PRO EDGE, each offering distinct I/O and features so you can customise your setup to suit your unique requirements.

Crafted by Musicians for Musicians

The entire i73® PRO environment has been meticulously developed by a team of dedicated musicians, producers, and engineers over two years. Our goal is to ensure an exceptional user experience for all users, from home recording artists to seasoned studio engineers. The i73® PRO 2 is a testament to our passion for music, entirely designed by musicians for musicians.

Elevate your studio setup with the Heritage Audio i73® PRO 2 and unlock the timeless analog magic that has inspired generations of music creators.

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