Heritage Audio i73 PRO One USB C Interface

2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface.

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Groundbreaking 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface featuring a built-in Class A 73 style preamp, offering users a direct path to the cherished analogue sound of the Golden Era of recording. With studio-quality circuitry, versatile signal routing, and a low latency monitoring mixer, this innovative device empowers musicians, producers, and audio engineers to capture and process audio signals with the iconic mojo and vibe of classic 73 style preamps while benefiting from modern home studio convenience. Designed by a team of musicians and professionals, the i73 Pro One is just the beginning, with larger sibling models available to meet various audio needs.

At a glance

  • 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface for.
  • 1× Class A 73 style preamp with up to 70dB of gain for true studio-quality
    recordings. Microphone/line input, on combo XLR jack and dedicated JFET DI
    input for Hi-Z instruments.
  • 1× Extra line input.
  • Full Analog Experience powered by DSP for real-time tracking processing with
    imperceptible latency.
  • Direct monitoring with Heritage Audio's MIXER, processed in real time with
    imperceptible latency.
  • Analog stereo monitor output over TRS controlled independently by Heritage
    Audio's MIXER.
  • Heritage Audio's MIXER independently controls the stereo headphone output.
  • Including a growing collection of Heritage Audio effects modelled after Heritage
    Audio's outboard and Heritage Audio's private gear collection.
  • Able to simultaneously record both WET and DRY streams from the MIXER to your DAW.
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 and 11. The same hardware works for both
    PC and Mac.
  • Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • +48V PHANTOM power, PAD and PHASE.
  • MONO, MUTE and DIM.
  • Class-leading AD/DA conversion.
  • USB-C connection to the computer (cable included).
  • Classic, attractive European console design.
  • Mini-DIN IN/OUT connector.

The Heritage Audio i73 Pro One is the first ever 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface with a built-in pure Class A 73 style preamp. It is finally a reality, making the Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of recording available to musicians, producers, and audio engineers everywhere, anytime, and anywhere.

Unleash the Power of Analogue

The Heritage Audio i73 Pro One marks a groundbreaking achievement in audio technology. It is the first-ever 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface with a built-in pure Class A 73 style preamp. This revolutionary device transforms your recording experience, making the cherished Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of Recording accessible to everyone, anywhere, and everywhere.

A Seamless Path to Cherished Analogue Excellence

The i73 Pro One is meticulously designed to offer musicians, producers, and audio engineers a direct pathway to the treasured analogue sound that has inspired music creators since the early 1970s. With its Class A transformer-balanced circuitry, this interface faithfully captures audio signals, imbuing them with the iconic mojo and vibe that characterized the classic 73 style preamps, now conveniently available directly from the i73 Pro One to your computer.

Versatile Signal Routing with Studio-Quality Precision

Heritage Audio's commitment to delivering studio-quality sound is evident in the i73 Pro One's three-way input configuration. Whether you're capturing vocals with up to 70dBs of gain, plugging in an electric guitar or bass through the dynamic JFET DI, or utilizing the clean LINE inputs, you'll have the flexibility to route any signal to your DAW while maintaining pristine audio quality.

Low Latency Monitoring Mixer for Precision Sound

Completing the Full Analog Experience, we've engineered a low latency monitoring mixing console from the ground up. Whether you prefer monitoring through your speakers or headphones, the Heritage Audio MIXER, seamlessly integrated within the i73 Pro One, empowers you to create independent, configurable mixes tailored to your needs.

Real-Time Processing with an Expansive Toolset

Elevate your audio tracks with real-time processing via Heritage Audio's MIXER, featuring an ever-expanding collection of tools inspired by our own outboard and private gear. Record DRY and WET streams from the MIXER directly to your DAW simultaneously, and even incorporate third-party native plugins through the MIXER's Aux channels.

Embrace the Golden Era of Recording

The i73 Pro One equips you with the tools needed to monitor your work just like the professionals did during the Golden Era of recording studios. Capture your tracks in your DAW and seamlessly complete your projects, all while enjoying the convenience of a modern home studio workflow.

Options to Suit Your Needs

While the i73 Pro One serves as our entry-level interface, we offer two larger siblings – the i73 Pro 2 and the i73 Pro EDGE, each boasting expanded I/O options and features. Choose the model that best aligns with your specific requirements.

Engineered by Musicians, for Musicians

The entire i73 Pro environment has been meticulously crafted by a dedicated team of musicians, producers, and engineers over two years. Our goal was to ensure an exceptional user experience for users of all levels, from the home recording artist to the seasoned studio engineer. i73 Pro One is the result of musicians designing for musicians, bringing the Full Analog Experience to your fingertips.

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