Heritage Audio MCM-20.4 Mixer

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Rackable 16-channel analogue mixer with an innovative subgroup system designed to offer the same summing topology of legendary vintage series 80 consoles.

The Heritage Audio MCM 20.4 is a rackable 16-channel analogue mixer with 4-auxiliary channels for a total amount of 20-channel at mixdown.

The Heritage Audio MCM 20.4 divides the 16-channels into two rows of eight channels with dedicated fader, pan, insert and On/Off switch. These two rows are then summed actively into 2 stereo subs with their own insert points and dedicated stereo faders. The 4-Aux inputs are hard-panned left and right at unity gain can be used for FX returns, cascading mixers and as additional stereo channels. The Auxiliary sends can be used pre or post fader and are split into two mono sends and 1 stereo aux.

An innovative design mixes active and passive topologies with an active subgrouping system followed by a passive summing to the master bus. Heavy gauge ground busses are also employed to deliver exceptionally low noise and high headroom rarely achieved in such mixers.

All channels including subgroup and master bus section feature insert points and rotary faders, subgroups.  All connections are balanced and use DSub25 connectors except the master buss section, which includes XLR Main and Mix output as well as insert send and returns. The Main output is duplicated for a monitor output for easy Mix/ Monitoring splitting.

Heritage Audio MCM 20.4 Main Features:

  • 20-channel mixer
  • 4 Aux sends channels
  • Innovative subgroup system with 2 subgroups.
  • Active Subgroup Summing
  • Stereo Master bus with insert send and return
  • Duplicate Stereo Output for Mix / Monitor splitting.
  • Low Noise and high headroom performance.


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