Heritage Audio Motor City EQ

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The Heritage Audio Motorcity Equalizer is a faithful reproduction of the legendary Motown Studios EQ, a single channel passive EQ with seven fixed band and stepped gain controls.

The Heritage Audio Motorcity is a 100% accurate reproduction of this famous EQ, using legendary engineer Michael Brauer’s own unit and working in close contact with Black Lion Audio to source all the necessary information to recreate this graphic Eq in all its glory.

Perfect Recreation of a Classic

The result is a dead-on recreation that delivers the same huge, punchy and warm signature sound. From the 10-gauge hand brushed aluminium faceplate to the custom molded bakelite knobs, the Motorcity EQ is a dead ringer to the original. 

On the inside, it’s the same story, with the exact same unique passive equalisation circuit. Heritage Audio went to great lengths to source accurate parts and where it was not possible Heritage Audio had custom recreations built. For example, the original 1960’s tone capacitors and inductors were not available and rather than search for alternates, Heritage Audio had custom recreations built with exact materials, values and tolerances specifications. Heritage Audio also had the original UTC input transformer made but included a modified turn ratio to offer better integration with modern studios.

 A Unique EQ Design

The Motorcity EQualiser like the original Motown EQ is a single-channel, 7-band EQ with fixed frequencies. Each band offers a +/-8dB of gain in 1dB increments. This design was based on the Langevin eq-252 graphic EQs but instead of sliders, the Motorcity Equaliser includes stepped rotary controls. It also features a master gain control that offers +/-8dB of gain.

The original was such an important part of the Motown sound and was used for mixing and mastering. The chosen frequencies (50Hz, 130Hz, 320Hz, 800Hz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 12.5kHz) were carefully selected for their musicality. 

The Heritage Audio Motorcity EQualizer is the ultimate recreation of what is considered as one of the best EQs of the 60’s offering a very smooth sound on par with the venerable Pultec.

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