Heritage Audio OST-6 v2

500 Series Enclosure

CAP2: 42917.0
£469.00 £515.00
£390.83 ex VAT
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6-slot 500 series enclosure with On Slot Technology, and providing impressive 1.8Amp per rail.

At a glance

  • 6-slot powered rack for 500 series modules
  • On Slot Technology Regulates power to each slot Individually, isolating each slot
  • New Link feature to link adjacent channels for stereo operation
  • Power capacity of 400mA per slot or up to 1.8A across all slots, whichever is reached first
  • Provides peace of mind When mixing modules with different power requirements from different manufacturers
  • Overcurrent and thermal protection for each slot
  • Audio inputs and outputs on gold-plated XLR connectors
  • British steel chassis
  • Rack ears included

The Heritage Audio OST-6 v2.0 is a 6-slot 500 series enclosure with On Slot technology providing an impressive 1.8 Amp per rail and a new Link feature

The Heritage Audio OST-6 v2.0 provides a power regulator on each of the six slots ensuring that each module receives the right amount of power as well as being protected from each should a fault arise. This On Slot Technology ensures optimum performance and sound quality.

A Link function allows for a channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button without the need for additional cabling.

The gorgeous chassis is made of heavy gauge steel and coated with RAF blue-gray paint reminiscent of the other Heritage Audio modules. The aluminium handle makes transport easy allowing the user to bring his favourite recording chain from studio to studio and even for live tours. Furthermore, the OST-6 v2.0 comes with custom designed rack ears for more permanent installations.

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