Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT

500 Series Enclosure

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6-slot 500 series enclosure with On Slot Technology, and providing impressive 1.8Amp per rail.

At a glance

  • Eight slot, rack-mountable 500 Series enclosure for mobile and project studio recording.
  • New link feature allows each channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button, no patch cables required.
  • Each channel individually regulated, filtered, and protected for highest performance, lowest noise, and best protection.
  • Capable of delivering up to 400mA per rail per slot, or 1.8 Amps total (2.0 Amps non continuous), whichever is reached first. Phantom power supply delivers up to 140mA total.
  • Independent Status LEDs per slot on front panel for voltage rails.
  • Power switch on the front panel.
  • Widest possible range of compatibility with any 500 Series device made, including ‘power hungry’ class A and vacuum tube designs. Vertical architecture accommodates ‘double wide’ modules. 
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis and aluminum front panel, rugged finish, proven, durable design.
  • Premium 8 channel 24 Bit 192kHz Converter with ADAT/SMUX outputs and Wordclock for reliable syncing.
  • Switchable path for converters per channel, either directly from the Input, after the 500 series module or from an External Source.
  • Stand-alone 8 channel premium converter when mic pre use is not required.

The Heritage Audio OST-8 adat is an eight-slot 500 Series chassis with On Slot Technology and a eight channels of high-quality 24-bit/192kHz analogue-to-digital conversion. 

The Heritage Audio OST-8 adat is built to the highest standard to deliver the cleanest power to all 500 Series modules even those requiring a hefty amount of power such as valve equipment. Using Heritage’s own On Slot Technology, the OST-8 is able to deliver up to 400mA per rail per slot or a total of 1.8 Amps in total. Furthermore, OST ensures perfect regulation for each module independently, protecting them from damage. 

The OST-8 adat also includes high-quality ADC 24-bit/192kHz to connect to an interface with ADAT connections. The OST-8 can work as a master or a slave via the BNC word clock connector. The combination of 500 Series modules and pristine ADC enables users to create their ultimate recording strip based on their requirements without sacrificing in quality with sub-par converters. 

The OST-8 also makes it possible to select the input routed to the ADC, allowing for the choice of using the direct signal from the input or after the 500 Series module or even the external ADC in. 

Just like all Heritage Audio products, the OST-8 adat is incredibly robust and built using the latest technology available. It boasts gold-plated XLR connectors as well as dB25 connectors. A Link button lets you connect adjacent modules internally, removing the need for manually daisy-chaining them with cables.

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