Heritage Audio RAM 1000

Monitor Controller

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High-quality monitor controller inspired by classic European console designs, providing unmatched precision and versatility to professional users. Its Marconi-style 24-step rotary switch for volume and zero insertion loss guarantees flawless stereo signal accuracy and no signal degradation. This compact yet feature-rich controller offers two sets of balanced analogue inputs and outputs, a high-quality headphone output, and a Bluetooth input with the latest CODECs. Its flexibility allows for the simultaneous selection of multiple inputs and outputs, and it features convenient MUTE, DIM, and MONO buttons, along with an INPUT LEVEL meter. Additionally, a USB-C power connector ensures universal usability and a unique REC mode in OUTPUT 1 is perfect for recording in a DAW. The R.A.M 1000 epitomises precision, versatility, and professional excellence, ideal for those seeking the utmost in monitor control technology.

At a glance

  • Two stereo pairs of inputs and outputs, all balanced and ground free (unbalanced compatible) on gold-plated TRS Jacks (All simultaneously selectable).
  • Seamless Bluetooth connection (CODECS (APTX, AAC, SBC)).
  • No insertion loss for the most transparent design available.
  • Classic European console design inspired by the best console master sections.
  • Perfect stereo imaging, thanks to a 24-step rotary switch for sub-tenth of a dB precision on every single attenuation position.
  • REC/MON option for OUTPUT 1.
  • MUTE, DIM and MONO controls.

The Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 is a high-quality monitor controller that redefines professional audio precision. This exceptional controller draws inspiration from classic European console designs and sets new precision, quality, and versatility standards. With a compact footprint that keeps your monitors and your ears right where you need them, the R.A.M 1000 is a masterful piece of equipment designed for the most discerning professionals.

At its core, the Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 features a Marconi-style 24-step rotary switch for volume control, ensuring that your stereo signal's precision is maintained at every position. Unlike cheaper stereo potentiometers, this switch offers a level of accuracy that is second to none, providing a listening experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Moreover, the R.A.M 1000 boasts zero insertion loss, safeguarding your audio from any unwanted colouration or signal degradation, regardless of your settings.

Underneath its elegant and straightforward interface lies a wealth of features that cements its status as the centrepiece of any studio or creative workspace. Equipped with two sets of fully balanced analogue inputs and outputs and a high-quality headphone output, this controller offers many connectivity options, enabling you to monitor precisely.

The R.A.M 1000 incorporates Bluetooth input with the latest CODECs to enhance its versatility, ensuring the highest quality audio is always available. It also empowers you to select any combination of inputs and outputs simultaneously, granting unparalleled flexibility. With convenient MUTE, DIM, and MONO buttons and a helpful INPUT LEVEL meter, it provides a complete professional monitoring solution in a single, compact package.

Adding to its convenience, the R.A.M 1000 has a universally popular USB-C power connector, making it usable virtually anywhere. It doesn't stop there; the controller offers a unique feature that allows OUTPUT 1 to function in two distinct modes: REC for recording and MON for monitoring. In MON mode, the output responds to changes made with the MASTER LEVEL knob, ensuring accurate monitoring. When switched to REC mode, the output remains unaffected by MASTER LEVEL adjustments, making it ideal for recording into your DAW.

The Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 is not just a monitor controller; it embodies precision, versatility, and professional excellence. Crafted to meet the demands of the most discerning users, it represents the pinnacle of monitor control technology, ensuring that every sonic nuance is at your command.

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