HUM Audio N-TROPHY 16-channel analogue mixing console

16-channel Mixer

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16-channel analogue mixing console developed over three meticulous years with unrivalled audio path, meticulously crafted for supreme sound quality and musicality, with custom components, a six-band passive EQ, and groundbreaking features like the THD Stage and Tube Optical Compressor. Its revolutionary zero-loss Summing Matrix maintains pristine audio clarity despite extensive processing, and its classic linear power supply ensures ample headroom. Beyond its technical prowess, the N-Trophy is a paragon of versatility, offering a diverse range of creative sound-shaping tools. It simplifies the user experience, adapts to various studio environments, and supports effortless expansion with its modular design. With moving fader automation and energy-efficient design, it bridges the gap between analogue and digital, embodying the future of recording and mixing.

The Hum Audio N-Trophy 16-channel analogue mixing console is a true masterpiece of audio engineering and design, seamlessly marrying classic and contemporary recording technologies. This exceptional console, meticulously crafted over three years of relentless development, is a testament to its creators' unwavering dedication and innovative spirit.

Comprising two 8-channel modules and the master module, the N-Trophy was conceived with a clear mission: to transcend existing boundaries and redefine the possibilities of analogue recording and mixing.

Its exceptional audio path, painstakingly optimized to deliver the highest sound quality and musicality, sets the N-Trophy apart. Every component, from custom-designed audio transformers to discrete opamps and a six-band passive EQ, has been chosen carefully to ensure pristine audio reproduction. The THD Stage and Tube Optical Compressor, with their innovative detection and compression circuits, adds a level of sonic creativity that has been unmatched in analogue consoles.

To enhance the user experience, the N-Trophy addresses the common pain points associated with traditional analogue consoles. Despite offering various creative sound-shaping tools, its signal path remains remarkably short. The revolutionary zero-loss Summing Matrix, featuring direct channel connections, distinguishes it from consoles relying on traditional long-summing bus architectures. The outcome is a pristine audio path that retains clarity and transparency even under extensive processing.

Powering the N-Trophy is a classic linear power supply equipped with a custom double-shielded toroidal transformer, effectively acting as a power conditioner to ensure ultra-low noise performance. The +/- 24V console power supply guarantees ample headroom for dynamic and expressive recordings.

However, the true strength of the N-Trophy lies in its remarkable versatility. It offers an extensive range of creative sound-shaping tools, catering to the diverse needs of music producers and engineers. Whether you're working on classical recordings that demand precision and detail or modern genres requiring earth-shaking, saturated, and colourful sound, the N-Trophy adapts seamlessly to your requirements.

This console is more than mere equipment; it's a creative partner. It empowers artists and engineers to focus on the art of music production, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. It represents a fresh approach to modern music recording and production within the analogue domain, acknowledging the strengths of digital tools while embracing the unique qualities of analogue processing.

Moreover, the N-Trophy's modular design offers unparalleled flexibility. Studio owners can start with a modest setup and expand organically, avoiding the constraints of fixed-configuration consoles. The freedom to arrange and integrate individual channels into the console frame ensures that the N-Trophy evolves with your studio's growth.

Ease of use is at the heart of the N-Trophy's design philosophy. It simplifies installation and servicing, eliminating the need for technical expertise. Thanks to a straightforward and intuitive process, even those with minimal experience can confidently replace modules.

The N-Trophy is highly adaptable to various studio environments. It can be divided into separate bays and installed anywhere in your control room, accommodating small spaces and larger configurations with up to 64 channel strips. This flexibility extends to studio integration, with the console offering onboard and remote patch bay options, allowing users to choose the best solution for their setup.

With moving fader automation controllable by DAW, the N-Trophy streamlines the mixing process, enabling users to draw automation curves directly onto DAW tracks without navigating complex menus or software within the console itself. This simplicity and efficiency empower engineers to realize their creative visions effortlessly.

Furthermore, the N-Trophy embodies power efficiency and silence, addressing the growing importance of energy conservation. Users can selectively power off components, including the tube compressors, when not in use, conserving energy and extending the lifespan of critical components. The passively cooled 3U rack power supply ensures quiet operation, making it suitable for placement anywhere in your studio setup. A single 3U unit can power consoles with up to 32 channel strips, with larger setups requiring two units.

The Hum Audio N-Trophy isn't just an analogue console but a game-changer representing the pinnacle of audio engineering and design. It delivers unmatched sound quality, creative flexibility, and user-friendly features, seamlessly bridging the gap between analogue and digital to empower artists and engineers to realise their creative visions. With its modular design, thoughtful user experience, and commitment to environmental responsibility, the N-Trophy symbolises the future of analogue recording and mixing.

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