HUM Audio N-TROPHY Master Section

N-Trophy Master Section

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Robust mastering console that offers exceptional flexibility with support for up to 8 stereo stems. It features a precise passive monitor controller for up to 4 monitor pairs and a dedicated headphone output, all operated through 256-step relay switches. The console also includes a versatile 3-slot insert matrix for seamless integration of external processors, M/S (Mid-Side) decoder and encoder for creative sound manipulation, a Valve (Vacuum Tube) Master Compressor for warmth, a passive 6-band equalizer with sum chain filtering, and stereo expansion capabilities. This comprehensive toolset empowers mastering engineers to achieve precise control, sophisticated monitoring, seamless external processing, and creative sound manipulation, elevating their audio mastering endeavors.

At a glance

  • The Master section is a full-featured mastering console, with up to 8 stereo stems
  • equipped with a passive monitor controller for 4 pairs of monitors plus main heaphones (256 steps relay switches)
  • 3-slot insert matrix with blending on slot #1
  • M/S decoder and encoder switchable anywhere between sum processing slots
  • Valve (vacuum tube) Master Compressor and passive 6 band equaliser with filters available in the sum chain (they are treated as two additional slots in the insert chain)
  • Stereo expansion (similar to the one in the LAAL mastering limiter) on the sum and 4 stereo stems

The Hum Audio N-Trophy Master Section is a comprehensive mastering console with many powerful features. Users can work with up to 8 stereo stems concurrently, offering unparalleled flexibility in their mastering endeavours.

A standout component of this console is its passive monitor controller, designed to accommodate up to 4 pairs of monitors alongside a dedicated headphone output. Noteworthy for its precision, the controller employs 256-step relay switches to ensure meticulous adjustments.

The console further incorporates a versatile 3-slot insert matrix, allowing for the seamless integration of external processors into the mastering chain. It offers blending options on the first slot, giving users fine-grained signal processing control.

For creative sound manipulation, users can freely switch the M/S (Mid-Side) decoder and encoder to various points within the processing slots, creating unique and innovative audio textures.

In the pursuit of superior audio quality, the console features a Valve (Vacuum Tube) Master Compressor, imparting warmth and character to the sound. Additionally, a passive 6-band equalizer with filters accessible in the sum chain is available, treating these equalization functions as two additional slots in the insert chain.

The console offers a stereo expansion feature reminiscent of the renowned LAAL mastering limiter to expand the stereo image. This effect can be applied to the sum and the four stereo stems, enhancing the spatial dimension of the audio.

In summary, the Master Section of the Hum Audio N-Trophy console equips mastering engineers with a comprehensive and versatile toolset. It delivers precise stem control, sophisticated monitoring capabilities, seamless integration of external processing, M/S manipulation, valve compression, passive equalization, and stereo expansion, all designed to elevate the audio mastering process to new creative heights.

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