HUM Audio RS-2 Ribbon Microphone System

Stereo and Mid/Side Ribbon Microphone System

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Stereo and Mid/Side ribbon microphone with built-in dual Class A preamp, 1.8 micron aluminium, Remote control and Pultec-style Air Boost

The Hum Audio Devices RS-2 is a unique remote controlled Ribbon recording system including a dual ribbon capsule for Stereo or M/S recordings, built-in Class A mic preamp.

The Hum Audio Devices RS-2 captures a larger than life sound with unrivalled depth and detail while retaining the classic ribbon sound. The microphone itself boasts two rotatable heads which can be set to Stereo LR (Blumlein) mode or Mid/Side. Each head features its own custom 1.8 micron aluminium powered by powerful magnets. Furthermore, the microphone. The microphone body houses two line level outputs powered by two high-end Class A mic preamps based on the Jensen JE990 and featuring Lundahl input and output transformers.

Unlike other ribbon microphones, The Hum RS-2 offers a choice between Active and Passive modes and is controlled by a flexible analogue remote control unit which offers controls over left (side) and right (mid) levels, Polarity inversion, Dimm and M/S encode/decode. The remote also includes a variable low cut filter an Air Boost switch that engages a Pultec-style air boost

The Hum Audio is the result of a unique and uncompromising new approach to designing a ribbon microphone for modern recordings.

Hum Audio RS-2  Main Features:

  • Active and Passive mode
  • Custom 1,8 micron aluminium ribbon
  • Built with highest attention to every detail: extremely short signal path, audiophile quality selected components, military spec silver cables, no electrolytic capacitors in signal patch.
  • 2 High End, discrete class A mic preamps based on Jensen JE990 built into mic body
  • High gain, and huge headroom – no worry about high source SPL
  • Audiophile quality gain control designed on opto gain networks
  • Two line level outs from mic body straight to your converter or tape
  • Best Lundahl mic and line output transformers – total 4 of them for two mic channels.
  • Stereo L/R (Blumlein) and M/S (encoded or decoded) recording modes
  • High End transformer based passive M/S matrix
  • Rotable RS-2 mic head for fast and convenient change between L/R to MS position
  • Switchable passive Low Cut filter with three useful frequencies
  • “Air” Mode - passive HI boost great for many wide band sources
  • Hum Audio genuine, fully analogue remote control system gives access to all functions
  • Remote Controller is connected by only one ordinary XLR cable – very simple and convenient in any studio
  • All functions controlled by top class relays and very reliable C&K switches
  • Dual suspension (external and internal) protects ribbon motors
  • Custom signal and shielded power cables

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