K+M 25960 Short Round-Base Stand with Telescopic Boom

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Short Round-Base Stand with Telescopic Boom

The K&M 25960 is a telescopic low-profile microphone stand ideal with a round base.

The K&M 25960 has a telescopic boom arm extending all the way up to 725mm. The round base is made in heavy cast-iron with anti-vibration rubber insters to filter noise. It is Ideal for mic’ing kick drums, guitar cabs, under snare drummers and much more. It comes with a two-piece boom arm.

K&M 25960 Microphone Stand Main Features:

  • Base diameter: 250 mm
  • Boom arm: 2-piece telescopic design
  • Boom arm clamping: wing nut
  • Boom arm length: from 425 to 725 mm
  • Height: 430 mm
  • Leg construction: heavy round cast-iron base
  • Material: steel
  • Special features: anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration

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