Little Labs LL2A Compressor Limiter

Audio Compressor

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Half-rack single-channel easy-to-use audio compressor and limiter using an innovative design to provide natural, soft-knee compression and sidechain insert jack.

At a glance

  • 2-knob setup with high-quality stepped, resettable threshold and gain controls
  • Fast 400μs attack, 0.9s release soft knee compression
  • 2400μs attack, 4.9 second release for bass: available in standalone mode
  • Minimalist differential circuit topology utilizing only 2 active components in audio signal circuit path
  • Unique linear voltage multiplier gain reduction, voltage-controlled attenuation
  • True VU ballistic, accurate, neon Nixie tube metering
  • Internal state-of-the-art super-low-noise linear voltage regulation
  • 1MHz low-noise high-voltage supply for Nixie tube
  • Linkable for 2 LL2A compressor stereo balanced use
  • Single LL2A can be used for unbalanced stereo: TRS (tip-left, ring-right) or XLR (pin 2-left, pin 3-right)
  • Rear-panel TRS balanced sidechain insert, TS link jack, XLR and TRS balanced mono I/O
  • Rugged half-rack chassis: 2 LL2As may be rackmounted in a 1U space
  • Quality crafted in California, USA

The Little Labs LL2A is a single-channel easy-to-use audio compressor and limiter using an innovative design to provide natural, soft-knee compression.

The Little Labs LL2A uses a straightforward 2-knob control for set-and-forget compression, providing a powerful and easy way to achieve the desired amount of compression. Indeed with only a threshold level and output gain controls, it is easy to find the desired amount of gain reduction. Attack and release times are fixed and specially optimised to work with vocals and instruments like bass guitars.

On the inside, the LL2A uses an innovative design that uses a single linear analogue multiplier to reduce the dynamic range smoothly and naturally. The metering is achieved using a NOS (New Old Stock) neon Nixie tube that provides a vintage look reminiscent of old speedometers. 

Two units can be linked together for stereo operation by linking the sidechain detectors. If no cable is present the Link button changes the attack time by slowing it down considerably making it particularly useful on instruments like bass guitars or synths. Furthermore, a single LL2A can be used to provide unbalanced stereo operation if required.

The external side-chain is also useful for side-chain dynamics processing to external signals that can be used to provide de-essing when linked to a duplicate channel with emphasised EQ in that region or the more popular ducking effect popular in electronic music productions.

The LL2A is extremely versatile and a must-have compressor for any recording studio.

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