Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

Dual-channel Limiter

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At a glance

  • Stereo FET Limiter
  • Dual VU Meter to monitor Gain Reduction or output level
  • Flexible and versatile tones
  • FET transistor to add colouration and sound reduction purposes
  • Easy to use interface that lets you focus on the sound
  • Two independent filters to avoid any phase shift
  • New capacitors for increased depth and stereo imaging.
  • Fast, Medium and Slow settings
  • Dry and Wet controls

The Looptrotter Emperor Limiter is an analogue stereo FET limiter which can act as a compressor, limiter and harmonic distortion.

Based on the original Emperor analogue processor, the Looptrotter Emperor Limiter features a pair of VU meters which can display output level or gain reduction. It also boasts an improved signal path with new capacitors designed specifically for audio. The result of the new signal path is increased depth and stereo.

Although coloured, the Emperor Limiter can positively influence the original signal and increase RMS levels making it a useful addition in a mastering setup, adding strong analogue character—the two independent filter influence how the FET limiter works. The low-cut button allows bass instruments to retain all their original punch or avoid unwanted triggering by excessive low frequencies. The high-shelf boost increases the compression of the high-frequencies offering analogue de-esser-like behaviour or fast compressor for bright instruments.

Two independent dry and wet settings are provided to help precisely add the amount of desired compression and harmonic distortion.

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