Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip

Analogue all-valve channel strip

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All-valve analogue channel strip inspired by existing Manley products including the VoxBox, Slam!, ELOP and more

The Manley Core is a new design analogue all-valve channel strip comprising a mic preamp, compressor, EQ and limiter; all inspired by existing Manley products but with updated technology and power supply.


The Manley Core incorporates brand new technology with musical and forgiving circuitry letting you focus on coaxing the best performance rather than lose yourself tweaking each knob to death.The mic preamp uses a Class A tube amplifying stage circuit similar to what is found on the Manley VoxBox, Dual and Mono Mic preamps but is complemented by a hand-wound Manley IRON input transformer which features nick laminations. Furthermore the preamp section includes a ¼” direct input similar to the one found on the Manley SLAM! with an all discrete solid-state circuit and high 10 mega-Ohms impedance to accommodate guitars, bass and keyboards.


Following the preamp section is the compressor section which features Manley’s ELOP compression technology which can be found on the legendary VOXBOX. Positioned before the mic pre, the compressor virtually eliminates any chance of clipping. A single 3:1 ratio ensures a smooth and musical control of the sound without sounding too obvious. Continuous variable controls of the attack, release and threshold give you a lot of flexibility in setting the compressor for the optimum performance. The compression circuit can easily be bypassed by pressing the according silent switch.


The three-band EQ section includes Low and High Baxandall shelves with 12dB of boost or cut as well as a sweepable midrange bell curve ranging from 100Hz all the way to 10kHz as center frequency and +/-10dB of gain.


A fast attack FET limiter brickwall limiter is added at the end with Threshold and release control let you ensure the signal is optimised for digital recording avoiding unnecessary overs thanks to a 10dB output gain control.


A large illuminated analogue display can be selected to read the compressor gain reduction, mic preamp output level, and main output level. Inputs include balanced XLR mic and line inputs, ¼” DI input on the front of the unit, balanced XLR direct output which bypasses the EQ and Limiter section and a main XLR Main output. A ¼” Insert point is also provided between the Mic preamp and compressor as well as between the EQ and limter.



MANLEY Labs is celebrating 30 years in 2018 and show no signs of slowing down with the release of the Nu-Mu, Core, Force and ELOP+. As EveAnna Manley says " We're celebrating 30 years doing this and we'll still service anything we've ever built. There's no reason why our gear can't work for another 30 years - there's no ticking time-bomb in any of our equipment !"


Manley Core Reference Channel Strip Overview:


  • Affordable channel strip designed to help you focus on the performance
  • Features proven circuit found in some of the most popular products by Manley with updated technology
  • All-valve design
  • Class A Tube preamp
  • Handwound IRON input transformer
  • DI section taken from the Manley SLAM!
  • ELOP Compressor technology
  • Fixed 3:1 ratio
  • Compression circuit placed before preamp virtually eliminates the risk of clipping
  • Continuous variable attack, release and threshold controls
  • Silent bypass switches
  • High and Low Baxandall Curves with +/- 12dB range
  • Sweepable Midrange band ranging from 100Hz to 10kHz with +/- 10dB range
  • Fast FET limiter with Threshold and Release controls and 10dB of output gain
  • Insert points between Compressor and preamp, and EQ/limiter via ¼” TRS Jack


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