Manley Enhanced EQP1A (Mono)

Single Channel Pultec EQ

CAP2: 191583.0
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Manley re-creation of the Pultec EQP1A.

At a glance

  • Powerful EQ based on the Pultec design, used all over the world, delivers density to thin tracks and low mid thump to Bass and kick tracks
  • Manley input transformer with pure nickel laminations potted in mu-metal case
  • 600 ohm input Z
  • Flat frequency response from 10Hz-100KHz
  • Phase Reverse switch for balanced XLR input
  • Alternate transformerless 1/4" HI-Z (5K ohm) input
  • BYPASS switch
  • Silent conductive plastic boost & cut controls
  • Sealed gold-contact Greyhill frequency select switches
  • <0.01% THD @ 1Khz
  • Adjustable feedback / gain: Unity +/-5 dB
  • Hi-current drive <50 ohm LO-Z unbalanced output
  • Max. output (into 600 ohm load): (+20 dBm)
  • Power consumption (120/240VAC): 18 watts
  • Dimensions: 19 x 1 3/4 x 10 inches (occupies 1u)

The Manley PULTEC EQP1A Single Channel is a powerful EQ based on the Pultec design, used all over the world, delivers density to thin tracks and low mid thump to Bass and kick tracks.

The Manley PULTEC EQP1A uses 1 x 12AU7WA and 1 x 6414 in its all-tube single-ended line amplifier for the gain make-up and extra-beefy sound; gain is factory set for unity but additional gain is available by a rear mounted feedback adjustment trim pot. Like their 40dB Mic Preamps, the Manley Pultecs offer both transformer-coupled balanced and direct capacitor coupled unbalanced outputs for easy interface and sonic variety. Manley Laboratories are the only authorized user of the original Western Electric passive EQ circuitry previously licensed to Pulse Techniques Inc. found in the well-known (and still sought after in the used market) antique Pultecs. EQ may be set to "flat" positions or bypassed entirely. The original Pultec EQ's had three transformers in the signal path whereas Manley's can be used completely transformerless. The Manley Enhanced Pultec has a vastly superior B+ power supply, with a regulated and balanced heater supply. The line amp is known to be killer-sounding. All boost and cut controls are continuously variable conductive plastic potentiometers for absolutely silent operation and long life. The single rack unit monoblocks occupy one-third of the space of the "antique Pultecs", an important consideration for allocation of outboard rack space. The rear-mounted input switch selects 0 degrees or 180 degrees phase invert for the balanced gold pin XLR input or the transformerless unbalanced bridging input (1/4 inch jack) may be selected. Kick drum? Bring on the Pultecs! You'll soon discover the power and magic of having those individual Low-Frequency boosts and cut controls in that LF shelf circuit... Need a little clarity or extension? Try that middle bell-shaped Boost dialling in the sharpness of the boost on the bandwidth control. When you ease off the HF shelf control. You'll see. There's no substitute for a Pultec.

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