Manley SLAM Mastering

Mastering Edition of the SLAM! Stereo Valve Limiter

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Stereo Limiter and with electro-optical and FET limiting stages including 50%, CLIP and LF Lim modes, four fixed ratios for ELOP circuit and a smart Auto HF mode for de-essing.

The Manley SLAM! Mastering Version is a stereo valve limiter designed for mastering applications.

The Manley SLAM! Mastering Version is actually two limiters in one; one Electro-Optical circuit (ELOP) and a really fast FET-base brick-wall limiter both design to provide the flavour of some of the most sought-after limiters keeping their ease of use ethos that have made those compressors highly desirable on vocals.

First is the Electro-Optical (ELOP) limiter which is a firm favourite for tracking vocals. It features a side-chain high pass filter to avoid unwanted rumble to affect the gain reduction. Like many other electro-optical limiters, the SLAM! Mastering edition features 5 ratio settings: 10:1, 5:1, 3:1, 2:1 and a unique Auto HF which starts at 1.5:1 and gradually increases to 10:1 for high frequencies. This works effectively as a De-Esser which can work wonders with the ELOP Side Chain toggle set at 200Hz.

Following the ELOP is Manley’s implementation of the FET Limiter. Extremely versatile, the FET limiter can yield great results from clean and predictable to grungy and distorted. This quality is what made some FET limiters so desirable. By controlling the Release, you can add different colour and behaviour. A CLIP setting lets you add even more crunch and distortion. The attack control works in a very unique way adding some of the characteristics of attack on compressors while retaining a zero-overshoot tolerance found in brick-wall limiters. In the SLAM! Mastering Version, Manley has included some extremely useful features such as 50%, LP Lim, Both and Clip modes. The 50% mode mixes an uncompressed signal with the limited signal giving you all the flavour of the FET limiter but with a much cleaner sound due to the mix. LP Lim focus its limiting in the low frequencies and reduces the gain reduction resulting in a brighter and more present signal.  “CLIP” introduces a fixed threshold  clipping circuit at around -2dBFS preventing from output overs which would clip in a less musical way once converted in the digital domain.

Metering is taken care of by two real VU metres providing visual feedback on input levels, final output levels and the ELOP gain reduction. The VU Meter features a three-way toggle switch to accommodate for the different levels 0, -3dB and -6dB. FET Gain reduction metering is included in the form of super accurate multi-colour LED Ladder peak meters.

All knobs are discrete detented switches to ensure precise control, repeatability and recall. With most steps being incremental by 1/2dB, 1dB or 2dB, it is possible to achieve very precise results.

Manley SLAM! Mastering Version Stereo Valve Limiter Specifications:

  • Input Tubes: 2 x 12AT7A NOS GE specially selected by Manley Labs for lo-noise and stable bias
  • Output Tubes: 2 x 6414W NOS USA dual triodes
  • I/O: MANLEY transformer coupled Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Gain: 20dB max Limiter Gain
  • Input Impedance:
  • FET Limiter: Attack: approx. 100μS; Release: 10mS to 2Sec; Ratio: better than 20:1
  • ELOP Limiter: Attack: approx. 10mS for 6dB GR; Release: 2.5 Sec; Ratio: 10:1
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 60KHz
  • Maximum Output: +32dBm, +30dBm (into 1KΩ load)
  • THD+N: <.05% @ 1KHz
  • Dynamic Range: 115dB typical
  • Output Impedance: 200Ω
  • Power Consumption Slam! Analog:
    • 0.480 Amps (480 milliamps = 480mA) @ 120V = 57.6 Watts
    • 0.240 Amps (240 milliamps = 240mA) @ 240V = 57.6 Watts
  • Outboard Power Supply: factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage.
  • Operating Mains Voltage: changeable with power transformer re-wiring via switch and fuse value change.
  • Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~ 60Hz
  • Size: 19” X 12” X 3.5” (occupies 2u)
  • Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.

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